Quit Smoking | Electronic Cigarette

Joey FierroComment

Joey Fierro - Aug 28, 2014

Smoking is one of the biggest cancer causing phenomenons in the world. So when you make the choice to stop smoking, the first step you should consider is getting an electronic cigarette instead of going cold turkey. The electronic cigarette can help you ease the cravings you might have of the nicotine. There are many starter kits that include a liquid, a battery, a tank and a charger. These starter kits are good for maybe a month to two months. We highly encourage you to upgrade to a higher voltage battery which the charge might last you from one day to three days. There are also many different tops or tanks as they are called. In particular my favorite is the Kanger Proto- Type 2. A very popular tank is that Aero tank, I personally don't like it because I find it to leak the liquid and not work after a few weeks. I used to stick to my cheap plastic tank and never understood why people when the extra mile in buying a glass tank, until I smoked out of one. Kanger Tops are smoother and better than a regular acrylic top. The only part you have to replace every couple of months is the small atomizer inside, which range at a price of about $4. The battery I am currently using is a 1300 Ego Twist, with my Kanger Tank 2, and since I am not very careful when it comes to my belongings I prefer something that is sturdy and durable. There are also many choices of illiquid in the market most are made with the VG and PG, in my opinion VG liquid is healthier, thinner, and taste better. My personal favorite is the Bailey's Irish cream from ZZ Vape. ZZ Vape is a San Diego based E- liquid Company that has amazing flavors like Marlboro, New Port, American Spirit to Snickers and Banana Sweet Cream!