Rolling Paper | Types

Joey Fierro

By Joey Fierro - Aug 28 - 2014

There are many kinds of rolling papers in the market. You can choose from organic for unfiltered raw papers, to super thin elements, to Rizla's, flavored papers like Juicy Jay's: which come in blueberry, apple, maple syrup, cherry strawberry, and so on. Old-school zigzag papers are still on the market in 1 1/4 size, regulars, and kut corners. Papers come in different shapes, sizes, prerolled, filtered unfiltered, etc. Now in days they also sell filter tips;  tips are a small filter which is placed at the end of your rolled tobacco cigarette to give extra filtration. My personal choice of papers are "Raw Organic Hemp" 300's. The "300 packs" are actually 300 leaves of paper in 1 1/4 size single leaf packs for the fair price of only $6. These papers are the most cost efficient. My second favorite papers are king-size ultra thin rice papers by Elements. These amazing papers come with 32 leaves her booklet, made in Spain and imported to America, this ultra thin paper beats the competition in my opinion between zigzags and bamboo papers!