Ascent Vaporizer

Joey FierroComment

By Joey Fierro - August 29, 2014

I would like to talk about the is the portable vaporizer called Ascent from the same makers as the Da Vinci.  Its a vaporizer that i didn't like at first, but has started to grow on me with every vaporizing use.  The main reason that i didn't like it was because it uses a glass  straw for drawing the vapor.  This glass straw pulls out of the top of the unit.  Its a little tough to pull out the first time.   There is also a metal tool that can be used to fish it out.   This glass straw was a big turnoff for me in the beginning.  I thought that it was just another piece to be broken.  I didn't quit understand that this straw was part of the chamber and would allow for cleaning.  The chamber of the unit is on the other end and is porcelain.  The entire chamber actually heats up and not just the bottom.  Your plant product is kept from flowing through the vaporizer out the straw by a glass screen.  Which i thought sucked in the beginning because it was another glass piece that could be broken.  But when it came to cleaning the unit I realized that its actually an advantage to this unit.  I was using the glass concentrate trays that sit inside of the chamber.  As most of us concentrate users know,  it can get a little messy when using oils.  So at this point i needed to clean my unit.  I found out that the straw for drawing and the glass screen are both made to fit inside of each other in the unit.  Making for a fully glass chamber that is made of of these two glass pieces.  I was able to pull the straw out of one end and use the metal tool to push the glass screen part out... The glass screen has a tube attached that slides inside of the straw.  Which creates the fully glass chamber coming from the porcelain packing area.  So all i did was take these two pieces out and put them in Grunge off cleaning solution.  It was clean in five minutes of soaking.  the Packing chamber i clean everyday with a Q-tip dipped in alcohol.  This unit can be used for plant and oils.  Its become my travel piece and i would recommend this unit.