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Many advantages come with managing a smoke shop, one of them being the ability to test all the new products that hit the market. The Mi-pod is a blend of simplicity, function and fashion that gives you a sub ohm feel of a lung vape with an amazing flavor from your own favorite juice. One disadvantage that I’ve experienced since using it has been the leaks while taking a hit. It never leaks otherwise. I prefer the Juul over the Mi-Pod because of the simplicity of the Juul but I do like having a wider variety of juices available to choose from for the Mi-Pod. Definitely a vape shop hit.


vaping help you quit smoking

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Illusions Vape Smoke Shop
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 By:  Joey Fierro 
Published February 7, 2015 4:38 PM

One of our valued Customers Torrance shares how she quit smoking.  She use to smoke a pack a day before getting into fitness and started vaping for health reasons.  She feels that vaping is much better for her health.  She was not able to quit smoking using other methods like gum and the patch.  Torrance was able to quit smoking very easy thru vaping.   She was still able to get a fixation of smoking without harming other people around her.  I was able to get a great insight from our interview on how to quit smoking.

Smoking San Diego

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Illusions Vape Smoke Shop


By Joey Fierro

November 8,  2014

A glass pipe is the most common way to smoke.... As people know due to health hazards metal is not recommended. The smoking community was skeptical when it came to vaporizers with metal and plastics surrounding the heating elements. Vaporizers are the cleanest and purest form of smoking


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by Joey Fierro-October 15, 2014

Titanium Dome-less Nails San Diego

Something that every person that dabs should do is treat there nail before use.  You can season your nail with safflower oil or some other high heat oil.  this will allow the nail to work better and take out any impurities or burn off.   The nails that we sell start at a range of $30 and up and are a high grade titanium. I always suggest using a domeless nail that can fit right in your water pipe.   The dome less nail will allow you to not have to use a globe.  If you feel that you are losing some smoke I suggest using a carb cab.   Dabbing should be fun and as easy as possible.  A sour dabbing dish and dabber is what i recommend you also get when you visit illusions vape smoke shop.

Zong Sour San Diego

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By joey Fierro-October, 17, 2014

Zong Sour San Diego

Wanted to tell you guys about the Zong made by Sour glass of San Diego.  They have launched a new white color tubing Zong.  It has a milky white color that is amazing to look at.  Illusions vape smoke shop has these pipes in one, two, three and four kink.  They come with the glass on glass fitting.  I personally use the 3 Kink zong.  Its about 18 inch in height.  My pipe has plenty of room for air and provides me with a robust hit.  I have used the 4 kink zong, but feel that it is to big and hold to much air.  I found the smoking to be a bit to much, for my taste.
We have these zong currently in black, white, pink, clear, and green.  They start at $120 and up.  Come to Illusions Vape Smoke Shop in San Diego.  We will hook you up!

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illusions vape smoke shop
4488 convoy st suite F.
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By joey fierro- oct 14,2014

People who smoke are connoisseurs of the smoke shop experience. But people who have never smoked before and want to learn more about it walk into the best smoke shop in the world... Illusions Vape Smoke Shop.... A lot of people think that a smoke shop is also a sex shop were a porn shop I am here to correct you, a smoke shop is strictly for smoking every single utensil you can imagine to enhance your smoking experience is sold here. Walking into the smoke shop is a lot like a museum, you don't know what to expect but you see a lot of colors, textures, sizes, and every kind of glass you can actually imagine. There's also different types for different kinds of smoking herbs, waxes, liquids etc... When I first started working at the smoke shop I would hate it when people would just come and browse, I would always want them to buy something and know what they were talking about, but what I have learned over the years if you need to educate the customer tell him what everything is for & how to use it. There is the correct term/lingo that is supposed to be spoken at a smokeshop nothing is for personal use it and everything is for tobacco use only. We do not sell anything that is illegal, and everything...... everything is strictly for tobacco only!!! So if you come in to a smoke shop and you asked for a bong you will be kicked out. There's just a few words you need to refrain from using and that is it! The experience at the smoke shop can be pretty cool especially at Illusions vapor smoke shop we have about 10 TVs playing different music, different channels on YouTube, and different shows. You actually want to just sit around and look at all the neat glass and metal pieces we have. Are you not a smoker and a vapor .....yes!!! we have everything you need in here. Some people that read my blogs tell me it sounds too good to be true, but I told him come and check out for yourself and we will prove you wrong! At the smoke shop it's not only about purchasing it's about making new friends and people you can trust with your smoking, for example if you are patient of some sort you want to be able to open up to the seller and tell him exactly what's going on with you! So yes we are here to listen as well coming to illusions vape smoke shop today and check out our new sale that's going on!!!


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Illusions Vape Smoke Shop
4488 convoy st Suite F
San Diego, CA 92111
By Joey Fierro- october 14, 2014
Have you ever wondered how to quit smoking? What if I told you there's an easy solution without going cold turkey to quit smoking!! Electronic cigarettes are the newest innovation for people who want to quit smoking. They are very easy to use and safe. An electronic cigarette consists of a battery, and top/ tank and the most important element being the liquid which is vegetable glycerin, and nicotine.... It is placed inside the tank and voila! Your ready to smoke.... when the battery is fully charged it is placed in screwed onto the tank. When the heating element of the battery and the heating element of the tank touch vapor starts occurring so when you inhale you actually get the nicotine dosage you need to. The stinky smell everyone hates no longer exists with e cigs.... Yes, you heard correctly the horrible smell that stays on your clothes for days, that smell that when you have a party makes everything smell stinky and disgusting is gone with electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are the newest invention to quit smoking. At Illusions Vape Smoke Shop we sell every single part for your electronic cigarette including every single juice you can possibly imagine from Cherry Cola, melon, blueberry, Bailey's, Marlboro flavor, Cubano cigar flavor, BlackBerry, watermelon, menthol, spearmint, gummy bear and about 150 different other ones! When you are in the area even if you are not ready to buy a electronic cigarette you should stop in so you could talk to one of our expert so they can explain a little bit better how being able to quit smoking it's easier than ever.

Bubbler VS Water pipe

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September 24- 2014


In my opinion a water pipe is a lot easier to work with compared to a bubbler for the following reasons: A water pipe consists of 3 pieces ( a vase, a down stem and a bowl) all 3 pieces are removable and exchangable to customize to your own needs. A bubbler is all 3 in 1 blown together, so if you break the downstem, or any part of it you are basically screwed, also bubblers tend to be smaller in size and are good for keeping away from the kids and hiding but if that's not an issue then go with a waterpipe. Bubblers tend to to spit water back because of their petite and reduced size. A bigger investment is required when purchasing a water pipe, but any piece broke can be easily replaced for under $20 and also customized to be turned into a dab piece or vise verse. SO yes, in my humble opinion a bubbler is a luxury and not a need. A bubbler is recommended once the person owns a water pipe, it is more of a secondary item.


Say No to Metal Pipes

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joey Fierro- September 


The caption of this post is about saying no to metal pipes. Metal Pipes are still in use because people are comfortable smoking the same pipes that they used years ago. When you place lighter to a metal pipe you start inhaling the carcinogens which may be harmful for your health. That is where glass pipes and vaporizers come in. Metal pipes are fairly inexpensive and people purchase them because you can throw them away and not feel bad for the $5- $10 you spent unlike a glass pipe that runs around $12- $15. Does your health have a price? In my opinion it does not, so go the extra mile and buy a glass one.... Glass is clean and reusable, a lot more than metal, plus you normally don't need a screen. People who smoke live normally healthy and calibrated lives, so we recommend you to use the utensils that will support that lifestyle u live. You get what you pay for, so if you cannot afford a nice glass pipe, use papers instead but stay away from metal.... Titanium on the other hand is not harmful since it is 100% pure and hold high levels of heat for example can be used for dabs!