New Juice Alert!

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Best vape shop San Diego is keeping up with the trends. Reds Apple E-Juice has come out with some new flavors! First new flavor to hit our shelves is Guava and it smells AMAZING. We have the e-juice available in 3m and 6mg and also in menthol and non-menthol. We also stocked the Reds Daze Salt Series in the same flavor and it is available in 30mg and 50mg. Stop by to check out what else is new, we have a lot of new e-juice and salt-nic on the shelves as well as new glass and vape devices.


Champ's Super Sale is here!

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Come visit us at the best smoke shop San Diego has to offer! We have plenty of new glass in as well as vapes, salt-nic devies, concentrate pens and much much more. Super Champ is having a sale! Look for the flyer around town in San Diego and bring it with you so you can get a piece of the deals! You can find the flyers at some of your favorite dispensaries nearby. You must have the flyer with you and must also be following the owner, @joeyfierrojr1 on instagram in order to qualify for the discounts!


Smok Nord and Smoke Shop News

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New salt-pod system hitting vape smoke shops is the Smok Nord. It seems to be an updated version of the Smok Novo and so far, so good. Customers who have come into Illusions Vape Smoke Shop to purchase the Smok Nord have reported that they love it! The Nord features a coil based system instead of the cartridge base that the Novo has. It is still small, sleek and convenient. It is also easy to load and vape on the go. The coil allows for a better burn and a bigger hit. The draw is smooth and desirable. The other cool thing is the ability to switch from salt-nic juice back to regular e-juice depending on which coil you are running. Definitely comes highly recommended!

In other news, Illusions Vape Smoke Shop is doing some remodeling and also expanding its juice collection. Come into the shop to see what we’ve done so far and check out some of the new salt-nic juices and e-juices that we have added.

Our operating hours are now from 8:00 am - 12:30 am every day. Mention this blog to receive a special discount in the store! We’ll see you here :)


New Hours of Operation

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Being located in a business district, we decided to open our local store at 7:00 am versus 9:00 am, Monday-Friday. We thought this would be helpful for our friends who needed to stop in before work. Now if you run out of juice, are in need of a coil or if your mod breaks we will be here to help before you get your work day started. Our new hours of operation will be in effect beginning 12/10/2018. This will make us the only vape shop open in San Diego at such an early time and just in time for the holidays as well! Come see us for all of your vaping and smoking needs!

Smoke Shop Near Me

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When looking for a vape shop or smoke shop near me I like to visit one that carries both vape and smoke shop products. I’ve been in the smoke industry over ten years and in recent years the vape industry as well. When I go shopping in a smoke shop so many different things call my attention. Good glass pieces, small knick-knacs, lighters, hookah product, vape juice, new mods, new coils, salt-nic systems, wraps and rolling papers, you name it. I like to make it a one-stop shop and that’s what we’ve created here at Illusions. We try to keep something in stock for everyone that walks in and if there's something we don’t have, we will not hesitate to order it for our customers. There will always be competition but we just focus on being the best for the people who walk in that door. So next time you’re looking for a smoke shop near me or a vape shop near me in San Diego, check out Illusions. You won't regret it!


San Diego Vape Shop Stats

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I’ve been keeping tabs on the e-juices lately trying to keep my eyes on the best sellers and this is what I’ve come up with. The top selling brands have been Reds, Blvk Unicorn, Mighty Vapors, Naked and The Milkman. Now that’s only a few out of the many brands that we carry. Those same brands do really well in sales as salt-nics as well. There are many vape stores and shops in San Diego so we try to keep the best juices and salts in stock. Smok has always been a trusted brand for your vape needs and Sourin has been doing exceptionally well in the salt-nic game. If you are looking for a good vape shop in San Diego then look no further. Illusions Vape Smoke Shop keeps the best of the best in stock and if there is anything you need that you can’t find, talk to staff and they can put in an order for you.


San Diego Smoke Shop

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We here at Illusions Vape Smoke Shop do our best to stay up-to-date with all of the new devices on the market. Juul’s came out on top and became very popular along with the Sourin Air, MiPod, Rolo Badge, Smok Novo and many more. We like to keep a variety in stock and invite you to come and see what we have in store or visit us online for exclusive deals. As one of many San Diego smoke shops we strive to be the best and to provide the best customer service. We make vaping look cool!


Healthy Alternatives

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Vaping is a much healthier alternative to smoking classic tobacco. It also provides a much better flavor with a wide variety of selections. Vape is actually a water vapor so there is no second hand smoke, not to mention a very pleasant smell versus the harsh smell of tobacco. Vape smoke does not penetrate your clothes and hands the same way tobacco does. Make sure you pick up your vape juice and vape needs at Illusions Vape Smoke Shop in San Diego on the corner of Convoy and Balboa. Give them a call at 858-751-0100 and they will be happy to help you and answer any questions you have.


F.D.A. Cracks Down

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The F.D.A. has recently cracked down on e-cigarettes in an attempt to verify whether 22 e-cigarette companies were operating illegally. The event that sparked this crack down is the exceedingly high amount of teenaged high school students who are now using e-cigarettes. As a smoke shop owner and industry leader I highly encourage that all smoke shops enforce the 21+ law and continue to ask for ID to ensure that no e-cigarettes are being sold to minors or anyone under the age of 21. E-cigarettes were introduced as an alternative to cigarettes to encourage those with addictions to cut down on nicotine and eventually cut the habit all together. Many e-juice manufacturers offer products containing zero nicotine and I personally know people who have gone from smoking one pack a day down to vape juices with zero nicotine. We will never be able to limit everyone from getting their hands on things that they want but we can be more vigilant, it’s our responsibility.

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Mi-Pod by Smoking Vapor

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Many advantages come with managing a smoke shop, one of them being the ability to test all the new products that hit the market. The Mi-pod is a blend of simplicity, function and fashion that gives you a sub ohm feel of a lung vape with an amazing flavor from your own favorite juice. One disadvantage that I’ve experienced since using it has been the leaks while taking a hit. It never leaks otherwise. I prefer the Juul over the Mi-Pod because of the simplicity of the Juul but I do like having a wider variety of juices available to choose from for the Mi-Pod. Definitely a vape shop hit.


Juul - The latest and the greatest.

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The Juul is the vape that I am currently using. It has a sleek design and is very easy to carry in my pocket. The only disadvantage is that you can’t refill the pods, you have to buy new ones every time you run out. It would be nice if Juul made an easily refillable pod. Out of all of the flavors, my favorite are the Mango and the Cool Mint. My personal opinion is that the Juul is a good on-the-go vape. I prefer the Aspire Breeze 2 over the Juul just because I can choose which ever flavor salt nic that I want to go with it. When it comes to the Juul I am limited to the flavors that they provide.



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New regulations have kicked in Monday for electronic cigarettes and some tobacco-related products, giving the U.S. Food and Drug Administration greater control over what can be sold and limiting the way retailers interact with customers.



Such restrictions, however, are nothing new to California's owners and operators of "vape bars," where customers gather to smoke e-cigarettes. Two months ago the state launched its own restrictions, including raising the legal age from 18 to 22.



All products that use a device in which a flavored liquid is heated into vaporized so it can be inhaled must now earn government approval. Also, merchants can no longer give free samples to customers, must ask customers for age-verifying identification and cannot claim that their products help smokers quit tobacco, store owners say.

New Tobacco Laws

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The governer of California Jerry Brown, a Democrat, has signed five laws that increase California’s minimum age to buy tobacco from 18 to 21, regulate electronic cigarettes and restrict tobacco use in various other ways.

Here are some things to know about the new tobacco laws

Jerry Brown. 

Jerry Brown. 


The 21-to-buy restriction and rules limiting where people can vape apply to everyone in the state of California except military personnel with an identification card. The bill stalled for six months while veterans’ organizations and Republican lawmakers fought to include the exemption. The new laws take effect on June 9.Tobacco companies have fought for years to restrict sales, which could result in millions of dollars in lost revenue, but they have kept a low profile during the public debate this year. Electronic cigarette companies, which have a growing market, also opposed the legislation. Some activists see e-cigarettes as a path to quit smoking traditional cigarettes and oppose the state’s move to classify vapor paraphernalia as tobacco products. Vaping has helped millions of people across the globe to quit smoking cigarettes, becoming a major threat to the tobacco industries that dominated the market...

By Joey Fierro


Benefits of swapping tobacco for vapor, proven once again !!

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A study published on the Nicotine and Tobacco Research Journal [1] found that e-cigarette use may lead to a drop of 21% in smoking associated deaths, and a 20% percent gain in life years in people born in 1997 or after, in comparison to the figures calculated if vaping was not an option.

This research was conducted by top tobacco control experts from the US, Canada and Australia, with the  study’s lead author Dr David Levy, a popular scientist and professor of oncology at Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Centerstating, “Our model is consistent with recent evidence that, while e-cigarette use has markedly increased, cigarette smoking among youth and young adults has fallen dramatically”.

He continued by pointing out to the claims made by some scientists that vaping could be a gateway to smoking in young adults, and added that these claims are “overstated”, and that a long as e-cigarettes are used to replace smoking tobacco cigarettes, they have the potential to reduce harm and improve public health. Several other studies on the topic of the dangers of vaping in young adults support Dr. Levy’s statement .


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Miss Madison Skye is a professional model from Toronto Canada.  Who had become one of the most sought after alternative tattoo models. 

Mixing a fresh flash of good girl next door and sultry erotic tattoo vixen this woman has created quite a stir in the alternative modeling industry.  Her willingness to expose everything about her and her body is very liberating. 

 We first became friends with Madison Skye after she entered the illusions Vape Smoke Shop San Diego best Vape picture contest that we hosted on Instagram.  MADISON was able to win a free Kanger Tech box Mod and became our first Illusions VAPE smoke shop Official model.  VAPING is something that she has started to do more often and her VAPING pictures are some of the best you can find online.

Miss Madison Skye

MADISON SKYE is now on of the biggest advocate and part of the VAPING movement.  Our viewers found her pictures to be among there favorites on Instagram.  She has been featured in countless magazines, videos, alternative sites, And Vape community sites.  Gracing the cover of 7 magazines. 

Madison Skye is someone who has a great future and is very talented model.  We hope to continue to work with her hand in hand to continue to promote Vaping.  Illusions Vape Smoke Shop San Diego have much love and respect for Madison Skye.

  Please support her and follower her Instagram @missmadisonsky



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Kylie jenner shared a Snapchat video of herself smoking from a vaporizer pen. but was she getting high? See the video below!

In the video, which was later posted to Instagram by fans, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star can be seen seductively puffing on a vape pen while driving around with a friend. After inhaling and letting the smoke sit in her mouth for a second, the social media queen is then seen showing off her prowess by blowing smoke rings into the air, which we’ll admit, was a tad impressive.






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International Sex symbol Amalia Yildrim contacted us here at ILLUSIONS VAPE SMOKE SHOP and asked us to help her quit smoking.  

She was eager to start VAPING and asked us to send her a e cigarette starter kit.  Having modeled for some time now She really wanted to stop smoking.

 The smoke was really affecting her skin completion and she felt it was time to stop.  Her amazing looks are now going to be preserved in her opinion by quiting smoking.  

Amalia is now able to do more cardio in her workouts and she feel great. She is now In love with VAPING and thanks us here at ILLUSIONS VAPE SMOKE SHOP dailey.  

She looks forward to testing all the e juice flavors we sent her!  She is now an official ILLUSIONS VAPE SMOKE SHOP model.



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                                                                                  A SUPER HOT VAPE MODEL FROM PHILADELPHIA

Kassie DW is a super hot Vape model from Philadelphia, Pa.  We list her as one of our favorite Vape models that have visited us at Illusions Vape smoke shop.  This beautiful girl is 31 years old and boast an amazing 34-27-35 perfect figure. Kassie DW has been modeling for 8 years and has done some amazing work wit Blue Box Photography. 

Illusions Vape smoke shop asked her what her favorite things are and she says pizza, puppies, and VAPES.  She now VAPES on a regular babes and says her favorite e juice line is The Breakfast Club.  Her goals are to keep pursuing modeling and also advance her career as a closed captioning specialist for the deaf and hard of hearing.

 It's nice to know that this Vape model is not only beautiful, but also cares deeply about the deaf and hard of hearing community.  Here some of here pet peeves so guys don't do these

Pet peeves are: bad drivers, people who don't say please and thank you, and the misuse of your\you're




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One of the cool new things to do is Take dab hits. It's a very effective way to take your medication and is different from smoking.  People hesitant to smoke often because sometimes unpleasant odor,  but dabbing is changed everything.  Dabbing will allow you to be able to smoke more stealth like. Or You can easily turn your waterpipe into a dabbing piece.  Adding a dabbing domeless nail to you waterpipe is all you really need to do. It will fit perfectly on your 14 mm or 18 mm glass on glass waterpipe. There are different materials that you can have your domeless nail made out of.  The ceramic, titanium and quarter.  It is very important to not over torch your domless nail, becauseof the high possibility of cracking your waterpipe.  Adding to much heat will cause a dramatic temperature change in the glass and can cause damage.  CERAMIC domless nails are a good start to your collection and are not very expensive. The titanium domless nail is also a great choice for the more experienced dabbers ( which is the one I personally like and think is fabulous, because not only does it retain heat for a really long time, also if dropped absolutely nothing will happened to it.)

Remember to purchase a high quality torch lighter, so it can quickly and effectively heat up your domeless nail and you can get the full effect of your dabbing. 

if your in the market for a vape please visit us here at 4488 Convoy st, San Diego Ca, 92111.

Please Add us and visit us at: 


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One of our favorite  smoking celebrities WIZ KHALIFA has hiw own rolling paper line.  These rolling papers are made by Raw rolling paper company.  Raw papers are our favorite rolling paper here at ILLUSIONS VAPE SMOKE SHOP SAN DIEGO.  They have a great reputation in the smoking industry all over the world.  Now that raw rolling papers has teamed uo with Wiz khalifa they have just become that much greater.  This Wiz KHALIFA paper pack comes with a foldable tray, Raw papers, Raw rolling tips and a poker.

One of the things that makes these WIZ KHALIFA paper pack so dope is the the cover has WIZ KHALIFAS picture on it.  The rolling paper cover turns into a rolling tray.  ILLUSIONS VAPE SMOKE SHOP recommend this rolling paper pack for all of those people who want to roll a jointcigarette on the go.  I find that theseWIZ KHALIFA pack are great for rolling in the car.  It has everything you need to make your smoking experience a good one.

The RAW rolling tips inside the WIZ KHALIFA paper pack are perfect for rolling up and putting in the joint so that you have a filter on the end to grab the joint with.  The wooden poker in the WIZ KHALIFA paper pack is perfect for pushing your product into the end I the joint.  Allowing for a nicely packed joint cigarette.  Come here to ILLUSIONS VAPE SMOKE SHOP SAN DIEGO and pick up your pack of these WIZ KHALIFA RAW PAPER PACK.


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