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illusions vape smoke shop
4488 convoy st suite F.
san diego, ca 92111


By joey fierro- oct 14,2014

People who smoke are connoisseurs of the smoke shop experience. But people who have never smoked before and want to learn more about it walk into the best smoke shop in the world... Illusions Vape Smoke Shop.... A lot of people think that a smoke shop is also a sex shop were a porn shop I am here to correct you, a smoke shop is strictly for smoking every single utensil you can imagine to enhance your smoking experience is sold here. Walking into the smoke shop is a lot like a museum, you don't know what to expect but you see a lot of colors, textures, sizes, and every kind of glass you can actually imagine. There's also different types for different kinds of smoking herbs, waxes, liquids etc... When I first started working at the smoke shop I would hate it when people would just come and browse, I would always want them to buy something and know what they were talking about, but what I have learned over the years if you need to educate the customer tell him what everything is for & how to use it. There is the correct term/lingo that is supposed to be spoken at a smokeshop nothing is for personal use it and everything is for tobacco use only. We do not sell anything that is illegal, and everything...... everything is strictly for tobacco only!!! So if you come in to a smoke shop and you asked for a bong you will be kicked out. There's just a few words you need to refrain from using and that is it! The experience at the smoke shop can be pretty cool especially at Illusions vapor smoke shop we have about 10 TVs playing different music, different channels on YouTube, and different shows. You actually want to just sit around and look at all the neat glass and metal pieces we have. Are you not a smoker and a vapor .....yes!!! we have everything you need in here. Some people that read my blogs tell me it sounds too good to be true, but I told him come and check out for yourself and we will prove you wrong! At the smoke shop it's not only about purchasing it's about making new friends and people you can trust with your smoking, for example if you are patient of some sort you want to be able to open up to the seller and tell him exactly what's going on with you! So yes we are here to listen as well coming to illusions vape smoke shop today and check out our new sale that's going on!!!