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By joey Fierro-october 15, 2014

San Diego Water Pipes

One of the main things that i get asked when at illusions Vape Smoke Shop is whats the difference in the size of a water pipe.  Does it really make a difference.  What i tell people is that when you pick a small water bong or bubbler.  what your really getting is a pipe that has water to catch the as.  Very small water pipes are not going to give you a great water filter.  The small water bong will have a small down stem that will restrict the airflow.  They usually are not have ground glass gromits which will make the downstem a little hard to pull out for cleaning. But they do catch the ash well and the small water bong will be much smoother then just using a regular hand pipe.  These small devises create a very quick smoke.  Very tight and short in nature.
What i recommend to people is using a beaker style Sour Glass water pipe that illusions Vape smoke shop sell for $150 or the non name brand beaker that cost $40-$60 range.  They will provide you with a well filtered hit.  It will improve the smoking and make the smoke very smooth.  I would also encourage you to use a diffused downstem.  It will restrict the airflow a bit, but will help create smaller bubbles to provide a better filter.  This type of water bong creates a more full smoother and longer smoke.