What you need to know about WATERPIPES

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By Joey Fierro

Published: December 15, 2015 at 1:09 PM PST

When you go to a smoke shop you should always know the basics about the glass work.  Most stores these days carry imported and American make glass pipes.  If you see something that is very cheap it's because it was made in another country.  We here at ILLUSIONS VAPE SMOKE SHOP do our best to know our glass blowers.  One of the American make glass companies that we support and sell is SOUR GLASS COMPANY.  They are from San Diego and have been in the smoke shop industry for 20 years.  The company has two master glass blowers who are the primary blowers for most of there glass WATERPIPES. 



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Illusions Vape smoke shop

by Joey fierro-April 23, 2015

published: 12:56 Pm

updated: May 1, 2015 @ 9:14, 2015

Recyclers are one of the newest editions to the San Diego smoke shop scene., These waterpipes are making a major impact when it comes to smoking. Some people even say that once they used one of these waterpipes they feel that they will no longer use another pipe.!  These waterpipes are being used primarily for Dabbing. I will let you guys decide for yourself.  The questions most often asked when it comes to recyclers are.  How do they work? What is there purpose? Do they really make that much of a difference? 

Our opinion here at ILLUSIONS VAPE SMOKE SHOP SAN DIEGO is that they are great for  dabbing and using wax concentrates.  The water recycles in the waterpipe pulling the smoke with it and makes for a better smoother drag.  This will make a huge differnce when it comes to taking a drag.  It will make your experience much more smoother.

This waterpipe is recommended here at ILLUSIONS VAPE SMOKE SHOP SAN DIEGO for the reasons listed above .  If you have any questions on choosing a waterpipe feel free to contact us at 858-751-0100. Also subscribe To our youtube channel and Instagram @ ILLUSIONS VAPE SMOKE SHOP


Looks great! 

Converting a Plant Bong into Dabs Bong.

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Illusions Vape Smoke Shop

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BY joey Fierro november 3, 2014


When making the investment of of buying a water pipe, people are sometimes hesitant because they do not think they can use it for all kinds of material. You do not need to buy a plant water pipe and a dabs / concentrate bong. There is actually somthing called a domeless nail which fits perfectly into a 14 mm or 18 mm glass on glass waterpipe. There are 2 kinds of domeless nails that fit into the glass on glass bong; being the ceramic ( which i personally do not recommend it because when it is heated with a torch at high temperatures it can fissure and break) and the titanium ( which is the one I personally like and think is fabolous, because not only does it retain heat for a really long time, also if dropped absolutely nothing will happened to it.) At Illusions Vape Smoke Shop in Kearny Mesa we have a big selection of domless nails that are perfect for your standard or oversized glass on glass waterpipe. Remember to purchase a high quality torch lighter, so it can quickly and effectively heat up your domeless nail and you can get the full effect of your dabbing material.

Smoking San Diego

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Illusions Vape Smoke Shop


By Joey Fierro

November 8,  2014

A glass pipe is the most common way to smoke.... As people know due to health hazards metal is not recommended. The smoking community was skeptical when it came to vaporizers with metal and plastics surrounding the heating elements. Vaporizers are the cleanest and purest form of smoking

Hvy Glass San Diego Smoke shop

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 Hvy is one of the brands we carry here at Illusions. They are made here in beautiful California using quality German and American glass.

  Hvy is easily one of my favorite brands. Their style is one of a kind and stands out. Which says alot about their name. There are many different styles colors and sizes. We carry a lot of them but if you have one in mind just let us know and we will see what we can do for you.

 If you're like me and just like to look at Hvy glass and see its art work. Come on in and check out what we have!

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Best Smoke Shop San Diego

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Illusions Vape Smoke Shop
By Joey Fierro- October 19, 2014
San Diego Best Vape Smoke Shop

 Illusions Vape Smoke Shop has been a leader in the smoke shop and Vaporizer industry for over 15 years. 
 We are located at
 4488 Convoy St Suite. F
 San Diego, Ca 92111.  

This location is quickly becoming San Diego´s premier Vape Smoke Shop.  We moved from Clairemont Mesa on April 1 , 2013.  Our current location conveniently located off of the Balboa Exit in Kearny Mesa.  The Balboa exit can be found off of either the SR-163 or I-805 freeways.  Just north of I- 8 freeway.  illusions Vape Smoke shop is just North of Mission Valley. 

 If your coming off of the Balboa Exit
 Go East past the Balboa 24 Hr fitness on the the right hand side.  Till you see Convoy st and we will be in the shopping center on the right hand side of the street on the Corner of Balboa and Convoy.  There is a 7 Eleven directly across the street.  

If you´ré taking the SR-163 from downtown
 You exit Balboa Ave and head West  At Convoy make a left and we are on the right hand Side next to the Grab and Go Sandwich .

We have been voted Best Smoke Shop and Vaporizer Store by Citybeat Magazine. 
 Come visit Us!
If you have any questions give us a call! 858 751 0100


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Illusions Vape Smoke Shop
4488 Convoy St. suite F.
San Diego, CA, 92111

by Joey Fierro-October 15, 2014

Titanium Dome-less Nails San Diego

Something that every person that dabs should do is treat there nail before use.  You can season your nail with safflower oil or some other high heat oil.  this will allow the nail to work better and take out any impurities or burn off.   The nails that we sell start at a range of $30 and up and are a high grade titanium. I always suggest using a domeless nail that can fit right in your water pipe.   The dome less nail will allow you to not have to use a globe.  If you feel that you are losing some smoke I suggest using a carb cab.   Dabbing should be fun and as easy as possible.  A sour dabbing dish and dabber is what i recommend you also get when you visit illusions vape smoke shop.


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illusions vape smoke shop
4488 convoy st suite F.
san diego, ca 92111


By joey fierro- oct 14,2014

People who smoke are connoisseurs of the smoke shop experience. But people who have never smoked before and want to learn more about it walk into the best smoke shop in the world... Illusions Vape Smoke Shop.... A lot of people think that a smoke shop is also a sex shop were a porn shop I am here to correct you, a smoke shop is strictly for smoking every single utensil you can imagine to enhance your smoking experience is sold here. Walking into the smoke shop is a lot like a museum, you don't know what to expect but you see a lot of colors, textures, sizes, and every kind of glass you can actually imagine. There's also different types for different kinds of smoking herbs, waxes, liquids etc... When I first started working at the smoke shop I would hate it when people would just come and browse, I would always want them to buy something and know what they were talking about, but what I have learned over the years if you need to educate the customer tell him what everything is for & how to use it. There is the correct term/lingo that is supposed to be spoken at a smokeshop nothing is for personal use it and everything is for tobacco use only. We do not sell anything that is illegal, and everything...... everything is strictly for tobacco only!!! So if you come in to a smoke shop and you asked for a bong you will be kicked out. There's just a few words you need to refrain from using and that is it! The experience at the smoke shop can be pretty cool especially at Illusions vapor smoke shop we have about 10 TVs playing different music, different channels on YouTube, and different shows. You actually want to just sit around and look at all the neat glass and metal pieces we have. Are you not a smoker and a vapor .....yes!!! we have everything you need in here. Some people that read my blogs tell me it sounds too good to be true, but I told him come and check out for yourself and we will prove you wrong! At the smoke shop it's not only about purchasing it's about making new friends and people you can trust with your smoking, for example if you are patient of some sort you want to be able to open up to the seller and tell him exactly what's going on with you! So yes we are here to listen as well coming to illusions vape smoke shop today and check out our new sale that's going on!!!

Must Haves from Smoke Shop

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Illusions Vape Smoke Shop


By joey Fierro- october 6, 2014


I am listing what i think are must haves for every smoker. I'm going to make this list as short as possible. 


On-The-Go Must haves


1.Raw Clipper lighter ( this lighter helps with rolling)


2.Cheap grinder


3.Pack of papers


4.Sneak a toke pipe and or small Bubbler


5.Clear eyes


6.Altoids/breath mints/gum




At-Home Must Haves


1.Your favorite waterpipe


2.Premium vaporizer 


3.Glass cleaner


4.Favorite Grinder


5.Extra attachments (bowls, ash cathers, Spare Downstem, Domeless nails)


6. Inscents




Vacation/Camping Must haves




2.Raw Clipper Lighter


3.Acrylic waterpipe or if you have a vape pen get the Tank for dry plant.


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 Illusions Vape Smoke Shop

By Joey Fierro- October 6, 2014

San Diego, CA 92111

There are many different brands and sizes of rolling papers out on the market today such as Raw Rolling Papers, Rizla, Bambu Papers, Juicy Jays, Pure Hemp, Hempire, Elements papers  and Zig zags.  There's a few things you want to look for when picking your papers.

 Size, the standard size is 1 1/4.  If that's to much for you they also make 1 1/2 which is a littlle smaller. There is a "king sized" paper also, for those of you who like a little more. For me, i like the 1 1/4 but when i'm smoking with buddies we like to use the king size ones.

 There are different options. Organic is an option you can have when picking your papers. I personally like the Raw Organic but there are many other brands that make them. There is flavored papers, which in my opinion don't have much flavor except when u lick it to seal it. There is transparent paper which are pretty cool. 

  Texture is important. When picking my paper i like to look for one that is not to thin if it's to thin it will burn faster. But it needs to be fine enough to roll easy.

What Are Percolators In A Bong

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joey Fierro October 2, 2014
illusions Vape Smoke Shop
4488 Convoy st Suite F.
san diego, Ca 92111


A lot of people wonder about the different percolators used in water pipes and if they make much of a difference, and if so which one is the best? The answer to these questions are Yes they make a difference, and there are so many different styles to choose from it really depends on what you're looking for.


 Essentially what a Percolator does is adds an extra filter so that you have a smoother cooler hit. How it works is the smoke passes through the water into the diffuser causing the filtration while also breaking up the smoke with small water bubbles making the smoke disperse evenly into your lungs, while also cooling it at the same time. 


 There are many different styles to choose from, and they continue to make different styles. Their the Tree style ones. These one have arms that come down looking similar to a tree, thus the name "Tree Perk" there can be as little as 3 of the arms all the way to 25. The arms have slits in the bottom that work as a diffuser, the more arms the more diffusion. These ones do make for a very smooth hit but are a bitch to keep clean! So if your are planning on getting one of these styles please practice regular cleaning and maintenance on it! There's also one known as a Dome Perk. The names are very self explanatory when it comes to the perks. It's called a dome as it is a Dome shape.Dome styles are good because they can be used in a lot of different ways. They can have holes along the bottom or slits. The cuts in these makes a difference in how the bubbles are broken up, which makes different types of hits.


 All in all I do recommend every smoker have a water pipe with a Percolator. Knowing what kind is for you requires research and experience. You can have the employees at the shop put some water in for you so you can get a feel of how the water runs though when you suck on it.

Titanium/Quarts/Ceramic Nails

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Joey Fierro- October 2,2014
Illusions Vape Smoke Shop
4488 Convoy St suite F
San Diego, CA 92111

Titanium/Quarts/Ceramic Nails

So with new ways of smoking comes new/upgraded accessories. The question I get a lot is "what nail is best?" Really that's a question of preference because every smoker is different. I am partial to Ceramic but i have a lot of people wanting Titanium. So i'll break them down.


 Titanium nails usually run a little more in pricing then the others. They take a little longer to get hot but they also retain their heat a lot longer, which is one of the reasons i like them. Some people say they do not like the taste they get when smoking from a Titanium nail. But the Titanium has a lot more styles out then all the others also. As you can see there are both pros and cons of using Titanium.


 Quarts nails are a good way to go. The dome less quartz is what i like. But they do not retain the heat for very long, they heat up quick though. I have had a lot of people say that they actually shattered when they got to hot. And for you clumsy smokers out there they break easily so be careful!


 Ceramic Nails are very inexpensive compared to the Titanium.  The are a great way to go if your on a budget.  They do break if you drop them.  They are dome less and also have ceramic carb caps.

Shisha Flavors...

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Joey Fierro- October 1, 2014

4488 Convoy st. Suite F.

San Diego, CA 92111


There are several different popular shisha/ tobacco flavors out in the market. The brand of the shisha is where to start with. The very concentrated brands in my experience are Fumari which they also have a hookah lounge in downtown San Diego. Their shisha is air tight not letting any of the properties leak out, unlike Starbuzz which is a tin can open to air and particles. My favorite Fumari flavors include the Blueberry Muffin, Mint Chocolate Chill, Chai Tea, and Plum.....

Remember when smoking a hookah, to not pack the shisha and make it fluffy... also breaking the coals instead of just putting the whole block on with let your hookah session last longer. There are many tricks you can learn about making your shisha last more than 2 sessions... AlFahkar is a shisha made in the middle east , which is imported and because of that the price can be a little higher than other ones.

We are located in the heart of San Diego on the corner of Convoy St and Balboa ave.  Come by and visit us for all of your hookah needs.  Our phone number is 858-751-0100

Bubbler VS Water pipe

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Joey Fierro


September 24- 2014


In my opinion a water pipe is a lot easier to work with compared to a bubbler for the following reasons: A water pipe consists of 3 pieces ( a vase, a down stem and a bowl) all 3 pieces are removable and exchangable to customize to your own needs. A bubbler is all 3 in 1 blown together, so if you break the downstem, or any part of it you are basically screwed, also bubblers tend to be smaller in size and are good for keeping away from the kids and hiding but if that's not an issue then go with a waterpipe. Bubblers tend to to spit water back because of their petite and reduced size. A bigger investment is required when purchasing a water pipe, but any piece broke can be easily replaced for under $20 and also customized to be turned into a dab piece or vise verse. SO yes, in my humble opinion a bubbler is a luxury and not a need. A bubbler is recommended once the person owns a water pipe, it is more of a secondary item.


Pax by Ploom

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Joe Fierro -September 29,2014
4488 Convoy St Suite F
San Diego, Ca 92111

Pax Vaporizer by Ploom

Some people like to cut corners and just smoke out of papers or off a regular cheap plastic pipe. Not recommended to cut any corners, does your health will reflect it. Even though vaporizers and high-quality water pipes can be pricey we think it is worth every single penny. Knock off vaporizers and clones are more and more perfected to look like the actual authentic vaporizer. That is the reason we tell the customer to please go to a certified retailer when purchasing any vaporizer. I had a young lady bring a “ PAX” she purchased on Ebay, that all of a sudden stopped working on her. Authentic Pax’s have 10 year guarantee. Unfortunately, the Pax she bought was completely fake and for obvious reasons the guarantee did not work. She thought she was saving money by purchasing the vaporizer through Ebay, but unfortunately it was a waste of money, since all sales were final on the sellers profile. This is a sad example of a loss of $200 by trying to save $50. All Pax’s should be no less than $250 it is a regulated price by Vape World the actual manufacturers, so NOBODY can sell you a new one that is authentic and a certified retailer for a lower price. Pax is actually made in Boca Raton, Florida, and made exclusively for Vape World.  
Come by illusions vape Smoke Shop and check out the Pax Vaporizer.