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by joey Fierro-october 28-2014

I recently picked myself a new water pipe from Illusions Vape Smoke Shop, it was a 2 feet glass on glass Medicalli double percolator bong with a ash catcher. This piece was so extremely unique and delicate that once I started smoking black ash started covering the walls of the bong. I was so upset since this pieces color is what makes it unique, its slimey neon greenish- yellow tone was opaque from all the smoking, so I took it into Illusions Vape Smoke Shop ans asked them for a solution to this problem. I was thinking maybe there was a cleaning solvent or a high powered rotary brush or just anything to bring my $500 water pipe back to life. Thankfully, Joey the owner of Illusions suggested I buy a ask catcher. I remember my brother telling me it is recommended to purchase a ash catcher when there is a percolator. Anyways I purchased a small ash catcher that became a miracle! Not only is my Medicalli water bong in impeccable condition but my ash catcher is so easy to clean!! I just put a dash of 420 cleaning solution inside of it and swirl it around, let it sit for about 10 minutes and magic!!! My ash catcher looks brand new as well as my water pipe! Here at Illusions Vape Smoke Shop we always hook it  up and give you the best deals and advice on how to care for my pieces,  this smoke shop truly care for their customers and make you feel right at home!