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Medicalli Glass originated years ago in Southern California or as we now know it as SoCal. They are unique and original company because every single part of the water pipe, bong, oil rig, recycler, or pipe is made in-house. In- house means, in the building or to be more specific in the premises where all other parts are created. Medicalli has a variety of glass from Slymes, Dabbing Pieces, Oil Pieces, Plant pieces and a large extension of more. At Illusions Vape Smoke Shop we are one of the few certified retailers in San Diego, CA. We tell people to please beware of sellers who are not certified, not only can items be counterfeit but they can also have a flaw they are not telling you about. SoCal has become a place where the air is salty and the beaches are close. The smoking community is big and the creators of smoking utensils are innovative and creative. They say Southern California is the home of surfers and skaters but in my personal opinion it is the home of smoking and connection. By connection, I mean a wide and extended variety of people from all over the world come to SoCal in search of jobs, year- round amazing weather, and of course smoking. If you are a recreational smoker or a patient, San Diego, Venice Beach, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach or any place where you feel at peace to open up to the smoking community, having a good glass piece of your choice is very important that is why we recommend you to stop by Illusions Vape Smoke Shop today!

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by joey Fierro-october 28-2014

I recently picked myself a new water pipe from Illusions Vape Smoke Shop, it was a 2 feet glass on glass Medicalli double percolator bong with a ash catcher. This piece was so extremely unique and delicate that once I started smoking black ash started covering the walls of the bong. I was so upset since this pieces color is what makes it unique, its slimey neon greenish- yellow tone was opaque from all the smoking, so I took it into Illusions Vape Smoke Shop ans asked them for a solution to this problem. I was thinking maybe there was a cleaning solvent or a high powered rotary brush or just anything to bring my $500 water pipe back to life. Thankfully, Joey the owner of Illusions suggested I buy a ask catcher. I remember my brother telling me it is recommended to purchase a ash catcher when there is a percolator. Anyways I purchased a small ash catcher that became a miracle! Not only is my Medicalli water bong in impeccable condition but my ash catcher is so easy to clean!! I just put a dash of 420 cleaning solution inside of it and swirl it around, let it sit for about 10 minutes and magic!!! My ash catcher looks brand new as well as my water pipe! Here at Illusions Vape Smoke Shop we always hook it  up and give you the best deals and advice on how to care for my pieces,  this smoke shop truly care for their customers and make you feel right at home!


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By Joey Fierro - Aug 26 - Everything that has been talked about so far can be used with the different types of Dab material out there. Dab material is the concentrated form of tobacco, plant or tea leaves that is most times hard and sticky. Dabbing is a new and innovative way of smoking that is done by heating up a titanium or glass nail or dome (which acts as your bowl) with a high powered torch. The next step in dabbing is to use a dab tool and scooping the concentrated tobacco goo and gently touching it to the hot nail or dome and taking a deep puff. Dabbing is more expensive than regular smoking and can take more time to set up but is more potent and long lasting. Medicali makes some amazing dab pieces as well as Sour. We carry both at Illusions Vape Smoke Shop. Dab Glass Pieces are interchangeable with regular plant bowl pieces