Protecting Your Glass

Joey FierroComment

joey Fierro- October 2, 2014
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Protecting Your Glass

Ok, So how many of you have dropped a few Benjamins on a nice ass piece, and not too long later you drop it or knock it over and you feel like you just lost a family member!? Well this has happened to me to many times, not only with my water pipes but my pipes and bubblers too! Eventually I learned to PROTECT MY GLASS with a simple padded case that go from $7-$30.  Some breaks are repairable thankfully, but it's cheaper to just get the case so you never have to take your baby to the repair doctor!


 These cases are amazing too! they have little stash pockets on the inside seam. And they have  a strap for the bigger pieces so you can take them anywhere with you without the worry of breaking them. They also hide the smell which is awesome for the pipe i keep in my car. 

It has now become part of my routine to put my baby back in her case after i am done with her. I know she loves me more for making sure she is safe! So be good to yours and keep them safe. 

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