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Miss Madison Skye is a professional model from Toronto Canada.  Who had become one of the most sought after alternative tattoo models. 

Mixing a fresh flash of good girl next door and sultry erotic tattoo vixen this woman has created quite a stir in the alternative modeling industry.  Her willingness to expose everything about her and her body is very liberating. 

 We first became friends with Madison Skye after she entered the illusions Vape Smoke Shop San Diego best Vape picture contest that we hosted on Instagram.  MADISON was able to win a free Kanger Tech box Mod and became our first Illusions VAPE smoke shop Official model.  VAPING is something that she has started to do more often and her VAPING pictures are some of the best you can find online.

Miss Madison Skye

MADISON SKYE is now on of the biggest advocate and part of the VAPING movement.  Our viewers found her pictures to be among there favorites on Instagram.  She has been featured in countless magazines, videos, alternative sites, And Vape community sites.  Gracing the cover of 7 magazines. 

Madison Skye is someone who has a great future and is very talented model.  We hope to continue to work with her hand in hand to continue to promote Vaping.  Illusions Vape Smoke Shop San Diego have much love and respect for Madison Skye.

  Please support her and follower her Instagram @missmadisonsky



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Kylie jenner shared a Snapchat video of herself smoking from a vaporizer pen. but was she getting high? See the video below!

In the video, which was later posted to Instagram by fans, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star can be seen seductively puffing on a vape pen while driving around with a friend. After inhaling and letting the smoke sit in her mouth for a second, the social media queen is then seen showing off her prowess by blowing smoke rings into the air, which we’ll admit, was a tad impressive.





Smoke shop San Diego

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by Joey fierro

published April 29, 2015

San Diego smoke shop stores have been changed forever because of the vaping scene.  People who love to smoke are changing over to vaping.  The main reason is that it is much healthier to Vape.  This is currently being under study.  But, what I have personally found is that I feel better from vaping.  I suggest that you all try vaping and see for yourself.  You can visit us here at illusions Vape smoke shop at 4488 convoy at suite f San Diego ca, 92111 or call us at 858-751-0100 if you have any questions.

Vaping is the future of the smoke shop industry and will be here to stay.  Why not use a vaporizer if it cuts down on carcinogens? 

Why not Vape if it cuts down the smell of smoking?  

Why not quit smoking and second hand smoke? 

why not be more healthy? 

These are all questions that I ask smokers everyday here at illusions Vape smoke shop.  

With that said most customers agree and really start to take a hard look at vaporizers, mods, electronic cigarettes, box mods, and plant vaporizers. Get your now and start your healthy living revolution!  


The perfect waterpipe, hookah or bong!

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Illusions Vape Smoke Shop

by Joey fierro- April 26, 2015

published @ 4:46 PM

Have you ever ha trouble picking out a waterpipe, hookah or bong?  We'll waterpipes, hookahs and bongs are really the same.  Bong is just a old school name for a waterpipe.  A hookah is the name of the middle eastern style waterpipe that has been around for thousands of years.  They are all a part of the waterpipe family.  You also have dab rigs which are a new version of the American style waterpipe.  

a waterpipe is a pipe that holds water and actually cools and filters the smoke.  It really makes a huge difference. When choosing a waterpipe one must know where tey are going to be smoking.  The larger models are for at home use.  The smaller models are great for the car and traveling.  Add our youtube channel and check out our latest products and ask for tips . 




San diego vaping

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illusions vape smoke shop

By joey fierro- april 24, 2015

Published @ 12:19 PM

Do you have any questions when it  comes to vaping?   

The question that I get asked the most is what is vaping.  I usually say that it is stimulated smoking.  Meaning that your not actually burning anything but heating your product up.

If your using a plant vaporizer like the pax, volcano, magic flight, or any units like these. You are getting a true vaporizer experience. You will be able to fully cook your material and vape the essential oils. 

The  other type of vaporizer is for oils and liquids. You can vape from a mechanical mod,  electronic cigarette,  and box  mod.   These u its use a tank or drip  tip atomizer.  The tank holds a good amount of juice.  While the drip tip you have to continually add drops to your unit.

If you have any questions or suggestions please contact us at 858-751-0100.   

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