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I’ve been keeping tabs on the e-juices lately trying to keep my eyes on the best sellers and this is what I’ve come up with. The top selling brands have been Reds, Blvk Unicorn, Mighty Vapors, Naked and The Milkman. Now that’s only a few out of the many brands that we carry. Those same brands do really well in sales as salt-nics as well. There are many vape stores and shops in San Diego so we try to keep the best juices and salts in stock. Smok has always been a trusted brand for your vape needs and Sourin has been doing exceptionally well in the salt-nic game. If you are looking for a good vape shop in San Diego then look no further. Illusions Vape Smoke Shop keeps the best of the best in stock and if there is anything you need that you can’t find, talk to staff and they can put in an order for you.


F.D.A. Cracks Down

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The F.D.A. has recently cracked down on e-cigarettes in an attempt to verify whether 22 e-cigarette companies were operating illegally. The event that sparked this crack down is the exceedingly high amount of teenaged high school students who are now using e-cigarettes. As a smoke shop owner and industry leader I highly encourage that all smoke shops enforce the 21+ law and continue to ask for ID to ensure that no e-cigarettes are being sold to minors or anyone under the age of 21. E-cigarettes were introduced as an alternative to cigarettes to encourage those with addictions to cut down on nicotine and eventually cut the habit all together. Many e-juice manufacturers offer products containing zero nicotine and I personally know people who have gone from smoking one pack a day down to vape juices with zero nicotine. We will never be able to limit everyone from getting their hands on things that they want but we can be more vigilant, it’s our responsibility.

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Mi-Pod by Smoking Vapor

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Many advantages come with managing a smoke shop, one of them being the ability to test all the new products that hit the market. The Mi-pod is a blend of simplicity, function and fashion that gives you a sub ohm feel of a lung vape with an amazing flavor from your own favorite juice. One disadvantage that I’ve experienced since using it has been the leaks while taking a hit. It never leaks otherwise. I prefer the Juul over the Mi-Pod because of the simplicity of the Juul but I do like having a wider variety of juices available to choose from for the Mi-Pod. Definitely a vape shop hit.



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Kylie jenner shared a Snapchat video of herself smoking from a vaporizer pen. but was she getting high? See the video below!

In the video, which was later posted to Instagram by fans, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star can be seen seductively puffing on a vape pen while driving around with a friend. After inhaling and letting the smoke sit in her mouth for a second, the social media queen is then seen showing off her prowess by blowing smoke rings into the air, which we’ll admit, was a tad impressive.






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By: Joey Fierro Published:  May 14, 2015 at 10:33 AM PST Updated: June 2, 2015 at 8:39 PM PST Updated: September 11, 2015 at 6:10 PM PST Updated: September 18, 2015 at 10:37 PM PST

Learn about box mods!

BOX MOD VAPORIZERS are taking over the SAN DIEGO VAPING scene.  BOX MODS VAPES are sold here at ILLUSIONS VAPE SMOKE SHOP SAN DIEGO from $50 to upwards of $150. The LIT BOX MOD has a 50W Version sold for $109 and a 70W version sold for $129.99 at ILLUSIONS VAPE SMOKE SHOP SAN DIEGO.  LIT also is the maker of a premium E JUICE line that has been flying of our shelves.

LIT VAPE COMPANY has made a hand made WOODEN BOX MOD VAPORIZER that had been the latest craze.  This  wood grain BOX MOD vapes great with a Arctic Sub Ohm Tank.  This combination of box mod and tank is a great VAPING experiences.

The first generation of these WOODEN BOX MODS had a little problem being to tight for the battery to be shoved in.  So the electronics would sometimes not work properly.  This has been corrected in this second generation LIT BOX MOD'S.

The new generation on Lit Box Mods and products are great.  We have also been using the the light green 2500 batteries and had a positive experience.  The E juice has been very popular also with he new Birdman fruit loops flavor being one of our favorites.  We would recommend that you give Lit Vapes a try. 

We here at ILLUSIONS VAPE SMOKE SHOP recommend this BOX MOD to be included in every VAPE ENTHUSIAST collection.  It's sleek design and wood grain make it one of our favorites! Make sure to add and like us at:


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Published: November 16, 2015 at 9:29 AM PST

One important thing to know about e juice is that it has different consistencies.  They can run super thick like syrup and other more runny. The major factor in the juice consistency is the blend of PG versus VG.  The higher VG content basically anything over a 70 VG to 30 PG ratio will have a thicker juice effect.  Thickness will also go up depending on flavor.    I find that the baked goods and cookie type of juices are even thicker when Mixed with a higher VG blend.

These juices for me need to be burned down at a lower watts to get the full flavor.  Anything over 35 watts to me starts to burn a little.  The fruity flavor have no problem going up in wattage.  Even tasting better as you go higher.


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International Sex symbol Amalia Yildrim contacted us here at ILLUSIONS VAPE SMOKE SHOP and asked us to help her quit smoking.  She was eager to start VAPING and asked us to send her a e cigarette starter kit.  Having modeled for some time now She really wanted to stop smoking.  The smoke was really affecting her skin completion and she felt it was time to stop.  Her amazing looks are now going to be preserved in her opinion by quiting smoking.  Amalia is now able to do more cardio in her workouts and she feel great. She is now In love with VAPING and thanks us here at ILLUSIONS VAPE SMOKE SHOP dailey.  She looks forward to testing all the e juice flavors we sent her!  She is now an official ILLUSIONS VAPE SMOKE SHOP model.   Please support her and see her VAPE modeling on our Instgram  


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Published: November 3, 2015 at 3:24 PM PST

The VAPING industry is in a sort of boom these days.  A lot of people are really getting interested in VAPING and want to know more about it.  With this increase of interest there had also been an increase of cloned or knockoff merchandise.  It's very hard for the average consumer to know the difference.  I am going to give you two tips on combating  clones.  The first tip is to make sure and ask the shop that you go to if they sell clones.  Most smoke shops sell only clones and you need to ask them.  Vape stores on the other hand usually sell both clones and authentic VAPES.  If the store says they do sell authenticate VAPES make sure that they will guarantee that they are authentic. By doing this you hold them accountable and it will give you time to do  your homework once you get the product home.  You can easily look online to see what they latest packaging and products should look like.  You can always send us a picture here at ILLUSIONS VAPE SMOKE SHOP SAN DIEGO and we can authenticate it for you!


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By Joey Fierro
Published: May 15, 2015 at 5:49PM PST
Updated: May 30, 2015 at 10:20 PM PST


The box is going to be white and blue. With the G PEN PRO being the same blue and white color. When you open the box you are going to see a manual and the SNOOP DOGG G PRO. There will also be a rolling tray, card grinder, USB charger and a cleaning brush included in this SNOOP DOGG G PRO HERBAL VAPORIZER.

This VAPORIZER is very easy to use. The chamber is directly below the mouthpiece. To get access to the chamber you simplify push mouthpiece up on one side. The mouthpiece should pop off with a good amount of press.

Once you pop the top off you will see the chamber that can be filled with your product. Make sure that you use a grinder so that your product vaporizes evenly.

Once you have filled the chamber loosely press button on the SNOOP DOGG G PRO HERBAL VAPORIZER. Wait for the unit button to turn green. Once green ingest lightly and you are VAPING. You can pick up one of these VAPORIZERS here at ILLUSIONS VAPE SMOKE SHOP from $54.99. This unit by G PEN is one of our best sellers. Make sure and add us and like us at:
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By joey fierro- april 24, 2015

Published @ 12:19 PM

Do you have any questions when it  comes to vaping?   

The question that I get asked the most is what is vaping.  I usually say that it is stimulated smoking.  Meaning that your not actually burning anything but heating your product up.

If your using a plant vaporizer like the pax, volcano, magic flight, or any units like these. You are getting a true vaporizer experience. You will be able to fully cook your material and vape the essential oils. 

The  other type of vaporizer is for oils and liquids. You can vape from a mechanical mod,  electronic cigarette,  and box  mod.   These u its use a tank or drip  tip atomizer.  The tank holds a good amount of juice.  While the drip tip you have to continually add drops to your unit.

If you have any questions or suggestions please contact us at 858-751-0100.   

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Illusions Vape Smoke Shop


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Published: April 22, 2015 at 12:09 PM PST


Have you ever wanted to quit smoking?  Has your doctor ever warned you about the hazards of smoking.

If you answered yes to these question you now have a safer alternative to smoking.  What I am talking about is called Vaping.   

What is vaping you may ask. Vaping is the process of using an electronic cigarette, box mod, Vape pen, or any device that can heat up e juice. 

The e juice is made up of flavoring, vegetable glycerin, and Propylene glycol.  When heated up you get a great vapor cloud.

This fairly new invention is for everyone.  From playboy models, teacher, law enforcement, and anyone wanting to quit smoking. 

people that normally would smoke hookah tobacco are now using vapes instead.  The makeup of the e juice is very similar to the flavoring in shisha. 

Feel free to visit our Vape lounge inside of Illusions Vape smoke shop and we will let you try some.

vaping help you quit smoking

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Illusions Vape Smoke Shop
4488 Convoy St
San Diego, CA 92111
 By:  Joey Fierro 
Published February 7, 2015 4:38 PM

One of our valued Customers Torrance shares how she quit smoking.  She use to smoke a pack a day before getting into fitness and started vaping for health reasons.  She feels that vaping is much better for her health.  She was not able to quit smoking using other methods like gum and the patch.  Torrance was able to quit smoking very easy thru vaping.   She was still able to get a fixation of smoking without harming other people around her.  I was able to get a great insight from our interview on how to quit smoking.

Hottest vaping scene San Diego

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Illusions Vape Smoke Shop
San Diego Vape Shops
By Joey Fierro
Published: Feb 3, 2015
San Diego is fast becoming one of the countries hottest vaping scenes.  We have a very large population of people who are know enjoying this great invention.  We just did an interview here at our vape smoke shop that aired on television with San Diego's 6 news talking about vaping.  The reporter was asking us how popular vaping has become here in San Diego.  We were fortunate enough to have one of our customers who is a chemist here to help us.  our customer did not understand what the surgeon general was talking about when claiming that vaping was hazardous to your health.  Our customer here at illusions vape smoke shop told the reporter that his doctor suggested he start vaping.  He stated that the cigarette companies will no longer get his money.  I suggest everyone to try vaping.  its here to stay.

Private reserve

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Illusions Vape Smoke Shop
4488 Convoy St Suite F
San Diego , Ca 92111
By Joey Fierro
Published :  Feb 2, 2015
Private Reserve e-juice | illusions Vape Smoke Shop

Private Reserve has been in the Vape Industry for over 3 years.  They are a local company with roots here in southern California.  This is a great company that is very committed  to bringing the vape Industy the best Product.  There blend is a 75% vg and 25% pg mix.  We retail this product at $12.

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by Joey Fierro-October 15, 2014

Titanium Dome-less Nails San Diego

Something that every person that dabs should do is treat there nail before use.  You can season your nail with safflower oil or some other high heat oil.  this will allow the nail to work better and take out any impurities or burn off.   The nails that we sell start at a range of $30 and up and are a high grade titanium. I always suggest using a domeless nail that can fit right in your water pipe.   The dome less nail will allow you to not have to use a globe.  If you feel that you are losing some smoke I suggest using a carb cab.   Dabbing should be fun and as easy as possible.  A sour dabbing dish and dabber is what i recommend you also get when you visit illusions vape smoke shop.

Smokers Health

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Joey Fierro-September 23- 2014

 The caption of this post is about saying no to metal pipes. Metal Pipes are still in use because people are comfortable smoking the smal material that they used years ago. In my humble opinion metal pipes are obsolete and harmful. When you place lighter to a metal pipe you start inhaling the carcinogens which are bad and harmful for your health. That is where glass pipes and vaporizers come in. Metal pipes are failry inexpensive and people purchase them because you can throw them away and not feel bad for the $5- $10 you spent unlike a glass pipe that runs around $12- $15. Does your health have a price? In my opinion it does not, so go the extra mile and buy a glass one.... Glass is clean and reusable, a lot more than metal, plus you normally don't need a screen. People who smoke live normally healthy and calibrated lives, so we recommend you to use the utensils that will support that lifestyle u live. You get what you pay for, so if you cannot afford a nice glass pipe, use papers instead but stay away from metal.... Titanium on the other hand is not harmful since it is 100% pure and hold high levels of heat for example can be used for dabs!


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illusions vape smoke shop
4488 Convoy St Suite F
San Diego, Ca 92111

Joey Fierro- September 26, 2014 - Dabbing is one of my favorite things to do. I have about ten oil rigs. Many different styles and shapes.  I personally use the sour glass or Roor glass.   I find that they have been tested and dried to make sure that the glass-straw-like-stem is perfect when dabbing.   You can purchase these dabbing rigs at illusions vape smoke shop.   They run anywhere from $50 - $200 depending on the amount of work on the glass.   I usually switch up and use my G-Pen vaporizer when I'm on the go.  The G-pen is cool for when im traveling, but nothing beats smoking or dabbing out of glass and having a water filter.