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Joey FierroComment

Dabbing is a great way to enhance your smoking experience, if you want to take your smoking to a whole new level. Patients that have been smoking for quite some time now, find that smoking still gives them that euphoria or calmness they are looking for but at times need to smoke more product or smoke more frequent throughout their day. The smoking community has invented something that is so powerful and unique, not many understand it. Dabbing, Waxing or whatever you call it is a the concentrated form of your favorite plant or as I like to call it " WackyTabacky". Dabbing is so succulent and magnificent not a lot of people know how to handle the experience and find it perplexing because they take too big of a hit or not the correct vape or glass utensil. My personal favorite way of dabbing is with my Sour 10 mm Oil Rig. In my humble opinion the smaller the rig the better it hits and the the longer the titanium nail stays hot and the more hits you can take! The time I took the biggest hit, I got sick to my stomach, I was thinking it was just like smoking plant but it totally isn't, it is a stronger, more powerful, richer and a totally unique. Nurturing in ever aspect possible dabbing is eloquent and amazing, I really suggest you try it!