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BY Joe Fierro Jan 11, 2015
Just wanted to tell you guys about these mini dab rigs.  They are perfect for the car.  They are fragile and i suggest that youy keep yours in a case.  These mini dab rigs are very difficult to make.  It takes a lot of time and a very steady hand to blow these.  You need one of these.
  The main thing that i like about these dab rigs is how small they are.  What i dont like about them is that they are a bit fragile.  if your out with friends and they drop this piece.  There is a good chance its going to break.  We sell these dab rigs for $50 here at illusions vape smoke shop.


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By Joey Fierro- October 6, 2014

San Diego, CA 92111

There are many different brands and sizes of rolling papers out on the market today such as Raw Rolling Papers, Rizla, Bambu Papers, Juicy Jays, Pure Hemp, Hempire, Elements papers  and Zig zags.  There's a few things you want to look for when picking your papers.

 Size, the standard size is 1 1/4.  If that's to much for you they also make 1 1/2 which is a littlle smaller. There is a "king sized" paper also, for those of you who like a little more. For me, i like the 1 1/4 but when i'm smoking with buddies we like to use the king size ones.

 There are different options. Organic is an option you can have when picking your papers. I personally like the Raw Organic but there are many other brands that make them. There is flavored papers, which in my opinion don't have much flavor except when u lick it to seal it. There is transparent paper which are pretty cool. 

  Texture is important. When picking my paper i like to look for one that is not to thin if it's to thin it will burn faster. But it needs to be fine enough to roll easy.