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Mi-Pod by Smoking Vapor

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Many advantages come with managing a smoke shop, one of them being the ability to test all the new products that hit the market. The Mi-pod is a blend of simplicity, function and fashion that gives you a sub ohm feel of a lung vape with an amazing flavor from your own favorite juice. One disadvantage that I’ve experienced since using it has been the leaks while taking a hit. It never leaks otherwise. I prefer the Juul over the Mi-Pod because of the simplicity of the Juul but I do like having a wider variety of juices available to choose from for the Mi-Pod. Definitely a vape shop hit.



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Published: December 6, 2015 at 1:08 PM PST

Purchasing a good quality cleaner will definitely help you keep your piece clean but, buying an ashcatcher will really help. The ashcatcher not only is a lot easier to clean gut, will help the water pipe as a whole to stay cleaner longer. There are hundreds of methods smokers use for cleaning their pieces, for example rock salt and alcohol, dish soap, and many others. But the most efficient cost wise and time consumption wise would definitely be keeping a ashcatcher with a percolator.


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Recyclers are one of the newest editions to the San Diego smoke shop scene., These waterpipes are making a major impact when it comes to smoking. Some people even say that once they used one of these waterpipes they feel that they will no longer use another pipe.!  These waterpipes are being used primarily for Dabbing. I will let you guys decide for yourself.  The questions most often asked when it comes to recyclers are.  How do they work? What is there purpose? Do they really make that much of a difference? 

Our opinion here at ILLUSIONS VAPE SMOKE SHOP SAN DIEGO is that they are great for  dabbing and using wax concentrates.  The water recycles in the waterpipe pulling the smoke with it and makes for a better smoother drag.  This will make a huge differnce when it comes to taking a drag.  It will make your experience much more smoother.

This waterpipe is recommended here at ILLUSIONS VAPE SMOKE SHOP SAN DIEGO for the reasons listed above .  If you have any questions on choosing a waterpipe feel free to contact us at 858-751-0100. Also subscribe To our youtube channel and Instagram @ ILLUSIONS VAPE SMOKE SHOP


Looks great! 

Faberge Egg Mothership San Diego Smoke Shop

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Wanted to tell you guys about Mothership Glass Company.  This stuff is very pricey, but worth every penny.  I have had the chance to use one of these water pipes at a trade show.  Its amazing to smoke out of.  The design has won a number of awards in the Smoke Shop industry.  They have some out with the faberge egg mothership.  This piece feels so smooth when pulling from it.  With just a little water you get a great smoke from it.  To much water makes the pull from the bong to heavy.
This glass company does some very advanced scientific glass work. 

Best Smoke Shop in the world

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Illusions Vape Smoke Shop
By joey Fierro-October, 19, 2014

Want to know why Illusions Vape Smoke Shop in San Diego is the Number #1 water pipe store in the world?  We are going to tell you why on this following blog! There are many characteristics that lead to being the number #1 smoke shop world wide. As I have traveled the world in search of the best smoking experience, I have met people that claim they own the best smoke shop. I must admit that some are extremely impressive, but none surpass the excellence in all aspects that Illusions Vape Smoke Shop in Kearny Mesa has to offer the public. When you walk into Illusions Vape Smoke Shop not only is the glass, metal acrylic and vaporizer selection huge, the people and the staff are friendly, the six flat screen TVs play commercials and how to do videos so you never leave questioning something. Unlike other smoke shops that are overpriced and overrated we are extremely affordable we have a huge selection over 100,000 pipes, yes you heard it correct over 100,000 pipes and water pipes. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and has been in the smoking thing for more than 15 years. The owner Joe Fierro has owned illusions for more than 15 years as well so what we can assure you we are extreme connoisseurs when it comes to smoking and the lifestyle. It can be extremely overwhelming not knowing what is what but we will always explain to you what everything is for... If you are a dabber, we have the coolest oil rigs and nectar collecters out there. If you are an old school smoker and prefer sticking to acrylic pipes; we have a huge variety of those as well. If you are into vaping and not really smoking herbs; we have a huge selection of drip- tips, MOD's, batteries from simple ones to complex twist ones. We understand it came be extremely overwhelming shopping for a piece especially if its your first one. The different glass thicknesses and models and have you questioning what is right for you, that is why we recommend you to come in to talk to one of the experts who will help
You choose the exact piece you need for you smoking material of choice. So if you are ever visiting the beautiful San Diego area, you should definitely stop by and check out Illusions Vape Smoke Shop! We are only 5 minutes away from Fashion Valley Mall!