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Published: December 6, 2015 at 1:08 PM PST

Purchasing a good quality cleaner will definitely help you keep your piece clean but, buying an ashcatcher will really help. The ashcatcher not only is a lot easier to clean gut, will help the water pipe as a whole to stay cleaner longer. There are hundreds of methods smokers use for cleaning their pieces, for example rock salt and alcohol, dish soap, and many others. But the most efficient cost wise and time consumption wise would definitely be keeping a ashcatcher with a percolator.

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bY Joey Fierro-October 31, 2014
Wanted to tell you guys about Mothership Glass Company.  This stuff is very pricey, but worth every penny.  I have had the chance to use one of these water pipes at a trade show.  Its amazing to smoke out of.  The design has won a number of awards in the Smoke Shop industry.  They have some out with the faberge egg mothership.  This piece feels so smooth when pulling from it.  With just a little water you get a great smoke from it.  To much water makes the pull from the bong to heavy.
This glass company does some very advanced scientific glass work. 


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By joey Fierro-october 15, 2014

San Diego Water Pipes

One of the main things that i get asked when at illusions Vape Smoke Shop is whats the difference in the size of a water pipe.  Does it really make a difference.  What i tell people is that when you pick a small water bong or bubbler.  what your really getting is a pipe that has water to catch the as.  Very small water pipes are not going to give you a great water filter.  The small water bong will have a small down stem that will restrict the airflow.  They usually are not have ground glass gromits which will make the downstem a little hard to pull out for cleaning. But they do catch the ash well and the small water bong will be much smoother then just using a regular hand pipe.  These small devises create a very quick smoke.  Very tight and short in nature.
What i recommend to people is using a beaker style Sour Glass water pipe that illusions Vape smoke shop sell for $150 or the non name brand beaker that cost $40-$60 range.  They will provide you with a well filtered hit.  It will improve the smoking and make the smoke very smooth.  I would also encourage you to use a diffused downstem.  It will restrict the airflow a bit, but will help create smaller bubbles to provide a better filter.  This type of water bong creates a more full smoother and longer smoke.