Mini Bong Dab Rigs

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Illusions Vape Smoke Shop
4488 Convoy St 
San Diego, Ca 92111
BY Joe Fierro
Published: Jan 11, 2015

edited: April 24,2015 @ 7:02 Pm
Just wanted to tell you guys about these mini dab rigs.  They are perfect for the car.  They are fragile and i suggest that youy keep yours in a case.  These mini dab rigs are very difficult to make.  It takes a lot of time and a very steady hand to blow these.  You need one of these.
  The main thing that i like about these dab rigs is how small they are.  What i dont like about them is that they are a bit fragile.  if your out with friends and they drop this piece.  There is a good chance its going to break.  We sell these dab rigs for $50 here at illusions vape smoke shop.

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