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By joey Fierro- october 6, 2014


I am listing what i think are must haves for every smoker. I'm going to make this list as short as possible. 


On-The-Go Must haves


1.Raw Clipper lighter ( this lighter helps with rolling)


2.Cheap grinder


3.Pack of papers


4.Sneak a toke pipe and or small Bubbler


5.Clear eyes


6.Altoids/breath mints/gum




At-Home Must Haves


1.Your favorite waterpipe


2.Premium vaporizer 


3.Glass cleaner


4.Favorite Grinder


5.Extra attachments (bowls, ash cathers, Spare Downstem, Domeless nails)


6. Inscents




Vacation/Camping Must haves




2.Raw Clipper Lighter


3.Acrylic waterpipe or if you have a vape pen get the Tank for dry plant.