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By: Joey Fierro- 
Published: September 26, 2014
Updated: November 3, 2015 @ 3:35 PM PST

Dabbing is one of my favorite things to do. I have about ten oil rigs in my personal collection.  They are all different styles and shapes.  I personally use the sour glass or Roor glass dab rigs.  The two glass companies have been around a long time and they still produce some of the best durable glass.   You can purchase these dabbing rigs at ILLUSIONS VAPE SMOKE SHOP from $50 - $200 depending on the amount of work on the glass.   I usually switch up and use my microG Vaporizer when I'm on the go.  The G-pen is cool for when im traveling, but nothing beats dabbing out of glass dab rig with water!
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By Joey Fierro
Published February 8, 7:16 PM
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We sell a number of RDA'S here at ILLUSIONS VAPE SMOKE SHOP SAN DIEGO.  These RDA'S need to have the cotton and coils replaced for a better VAPING experience.  I usally change the coils on my RDA every three weeks.  As far as the cotton goes I usually change it out every few days.  We VAPE all day here at ILLUSIONS VAPE SMOKE SHOP SAN DIEGO and constantly change E JUICE flavors.  This leads to my cotton getting super caked up with all kinds of E JUICE flavors.  We recommend you change out the cotton to get the true flavors out of your E JUICE. To change your cotton you will need a scewdriver and some pliers.  Some RDA'S that we sell here at ILLUSIONS VAPE SMOKE SHOP SAN DIEGO use a allen wrench which usually comes with the RDA.  All you do to change the cotton out is pull it with the pliers.  Then I suggest that you burn the coils to burn anything that may be on them to clean them off.  You need to cut a piece of cotton that you roll into a thin enough thread to fish throught the coil.  Make sure and leave enough cotton to be able to tuck under your coils.  RDA'S usally leave you enough space to tuck under a good amount of cotton.  This will come in handy when soaking with the E JUICE.
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by Joey fierro- April 27, 2015

published @ 12:23PM

Have you ever tried to pick out a bong for a woman!  I will share the most important things that woman look for when visiting a smoke shop.  

The two things that I notice woman buying are mid size at about 12 inches.  The price range that is usual is about $100 for the waterpipes that most of our woman customers buy. Woman seem to not want the cheapest waterpipe nor the smallest.  Most times they want something thats sturdy and easy to use!   

So now you know the basics of what woman look for when pickin a waterpipe or bong!   

So if your ever looking to buy one for your wife or girlfriend you have expert knowledge of what to buy!

Illusions Vape Smoke Shop torches!

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 By Joey Fierro- April 24, 2015

published@ 11:44pm

I wanted to talk about torches.. Here at Illusions we have carried many different brands and styles. Which one is your favorite?

Personally I like the scorch torch ones. They seem to be our best seller yet, and i love them! They come in different sizes and different settings, such as ; low-high flame and continueous flame. The quality of them is very nice and they are reasonably priced for how nice they are.

Alot of torches i have used tend to work really good for a little but and then suddenly stop working. Or i will try and refill them and they still won't work. I haven't had that problem with Scorch Torch yet!

 For all you Dabbers out there or even hookah fanatics who use torches to light your coals, try the scorch torch. I would love to hear your guy's input on them, and other torches you like to use.



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By Joey Fierro

Published: April 22, 2015 at 12:09 PM PST


Have you ever wanted to quit smoking?  Has your doctor ever warned you about the hazards of smoking.

If you answered yes to these question you now have a safer alternative to smoking.  What I am talking about is called Vaping.   

What is vaping you may ask. Vaping is the process of using an electronic cigarette, box mod, Vape pen, or any device that can heat up e juice. 

The e juice is made up of flavoring, vegetable glycerin, and Propylene glycol.  When heated up you get a great vapor cloud.

This fairly new invention is for everyone.  From playboy models, teacher, law enforcement, and anyone wanting to quit smoking. 

people that normally would smoke hookah tobacco are now using vapes instead.  The makeup of the e juice is very similar to the flavoring in shisha. 

Feel free to visit our Vape lounge inside of Illusions Vape smoke shop and we will let you try some.

wiz khalifa raw paper

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by Joey fierro- February 20,2015

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Wiz Khalifa Raw Papers | illusions Vape Smoke Shop

I want to introduce you to this paper pack.  It comes with a tray, papers,  and rolling tips.  Its a paper line named Raw who has this join paper venture with Wiz.  
One of the things that makes these wiz khalifa paper pack so dope is the the cover turns into a rolling tray.  Its something that comes in handy when rolling while parked.  the pack comes with rolling tips which help your fingers not get any un wanted attention on the smell.  The is also a wood pocker that is perfect for helping you push everything in.  You need to get these papers.

Wiz Khalifa San Diego

Wiz Khalifa San Diego

Vaping Illegal INSIDE ... WTF?

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I was smoking my vapepen in a restaurant/ bar in San Diego and just my luck the waiter comes over and asks to please stop vaping inside... I cannot believe I was asked to stop vaping. The purpose and invention of vaping is to be able to vapor inside of any  closed premises, that was one of the main reasons I was motiviated to quit smoking. After I started vaping, I was able to get back into a healthy lifestyle; I started eating cleaner and going to the gym again, It was like automatically 15 years of my life were given back to me.... I felt younger and healthier. Vaping has become the newest way and form of smoking, even though vapers/ cloud chasers dislike calling it smoking...

Mya Hookahs in San Diego

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joey Fierro- October 3, 2014

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Mya Hookahs in San Diego


      Mya Hookahs were a trend in the ancient times. In olden times, it was the status symbol of the kings however now a day’s these are used in order to spend some quality time and for the purpose of rejuvenation. We are Vape Smoke shop; we are the one known for selling the beautifully designed Hookahs. The best product you can get for yourself and others.


    It is versatile and as well as durable in every sense. All the Mya Hookahs are made up of top quality glass and highly polished metal. The pipes of Mya Hookahs are made up of pristine quality of glass material; which are easy to disassemble, assemble and to store as well. These Hookahs are quite easy to handle because of its portability and don't require much to maintain it; other Hookahs like Sahara smoke are not portable and as well require a lot of maintenance too.


     We are the renowned seller of such Hookahs and have been pleasing our clients for quite some time around the world. Our Hookahs are unique, and the quality is unbeatable. The Hookahs come in an array of beautiful style, from very simple and affordable Hookahs to the exotic crystal; we have them all. To get your favorite hookah, you simplyneed to log to


    Here you will be able to find top quality Hookahs, which is unique in many ways. If you wish, we can create your piece of Hookah with the customized look, and you can also replace parts, whenever required. The range of Mya Hookahs isfrom $25-$120; Khalil Mamoon Hookahs range from $45-$200; Inhale Hookahs range from $4.99-$19.99 and Sahara Hookahs range from $85-$300. From the above price range, Mya Hookahs is affordable, and if it's your favorite then why not grab it. We have got all the types of hookah of your choice, from a cheap one to the expensive ones. You are about to get introduced to the best online store for Hookahs, to satisfy your inner soul completely.


   We are proud to serve thousands of our clients from all over the world, who are interested in buying Hookahs. We promise our customers of 100% satisfaction and the product comes with a guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product, then we have an easy and hassle-free return, and we also replace any part, if it is required.