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 By Joey Fierro- April 24, 2015

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I wanted to talk about torches.. Here at Illusions we have carried many different brands and styles. Which one is your favorite?

Personally I like the scorch torch ones. They seem to be our best seller yet, and i love them! They come in different sizes and different settings, such as ; low-high flame and continueous flame. The quality of them is very nice and they are reasonably priced for how nice they are.

Alot of torches i have used tend to work really good for a little but and then suddenly stop working. Or i will try and refill them and they still won't work. I haven't had that problem with Scorch Torch yet!

 For all you Dabbers out there or even hookah fanatics who use torches to light your coals, try the scorch torch. I would love to hear your guy's input on them, and other torches you like to use.


Kratom San Diego

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illusions vape smoke shop
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San Diego, CA 92111

By joey Fierro-october,16,2014
Kratom San Diego

When it comes to Kratom Illusions vape smoke shop cartries two fifferent kinds.  We have the liquid kratom that is very mild and nice.  We also carry a pill for that is much stronger and more effective.  I find that both combined are perfect.  The new brand that we carry is the Royal Kratom.  This product is offered for external use only.  Kratom is native to south east asia and behaves in a way simliar to morphine.  Its leaves have been used for thousands of years.  You can purchase Kratom at Illusions Vape Smoke Shop, we are on the corner of Balboa and Convoy.  Very close to the 24 hr Balboa  gym.

Sour Glass Bongs

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joey Fierro-September 29,2014

Based out of San Diego, California Sour Glass has bulit a reputable and coveted glass company across the country. From water pipes to bubblers, pipes, dab bubblers, steam rollers, nectar collectors, bowls, stems, and everything that you might need to smoke out of. Prices start as low as $20 and can go up to $1000. Sour invented the "Zong" which is a regular water pipe but it has unique shaped "Z" in the middle of the glass neck. Remember to only to buy Sour Glass from a certified retailer, you never want to buy a piece from just a random store , not knowing the authenticity of the glasswork. There are many horror stories of people who have purchased a brand name glass pipes and it ended up being fake because they purchased it at a swapt meet or a store that was not a certified retailer. It is unfortunate that knock offs have gotten to the point where glass art is being violated at this degree. Glass Pipes are more and more artistic and elaborate these days, so remember you are getting what you pay for and the enhancement of your smoking experience is what is most important!

Bubbler VS Water pipe

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Joey Fierro


September 24- 2014


In my opinion a water pipe is a lot easier to work with compared to a bubbler for the following reasons: A water pipe consists of 3 pieces ( a vase, a down stem and a bowl) all 3 pieces are removable and exchangable to customize to your own needs. A bubbler is all 3 in 1 blown together, so if you break the downstem, or any part of it you are basically screwed, also bubblers tend to be smaller in size and are good for keeping away from the kids and hiding but if that's not an issue then go with a waterpipe. Bubblers tend to to spit water back because of their petite and reduced size. A bigger investment is required when purchasing a water pipe, but any piece broke can be easily replaced for under $20 and also customized to be turned into a dab piece or vise verse. SO yes, in my humble opinion a bubbler is a luxury and not a need. A bubbler is recommended once the person owns a water pipe, it is more of a secondary item.