F.D.A. Cracks Down

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The F.D.A. has recently cracked down on e-cigarettes in an attempt to verify whether 22 e-cigarette companies were operating illegally. The event that sparked this crack down is the exceedingly high amount of teenaged high school students who are now using e-cigarettes. As a smoke shop owner and industry leader I highly encourage that all smoke shops enforce the 21+ law and continue to ask for ID to ensure that no e-cigarettes are being sold to minors or anyone under the age of 21. E-cigarettes were introduced as an alternative to cigarettes to encourage those with addictions to cut down on nicotine and eventually cut the habit all together. Many e-juice manufacturers offer products containing zero nicotine and I personally know people who have gone from smoking one pack a day down to vape juices with zero nicotine. We will never be able to limit everyone from getting their hands on things that they want but we can be more vigilant, it’s our responsibility.

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Illusions Vape Smoke Shop


By Joey Fierro

Published: April 22, 2015 at 12:09 PM PST


Have you ever wanted to quit smoking?  Has your doctor ever warned you about the hazards of smoking.

If you answered yes to these question you now have a safer alternative to smoking.  What I am talking about is called Vaping.   

What is vaping you may ask. Vaping is the process of using an electronic cigarette, box mod, Vape pen, or any device that can heat up e juice. 

The e juice is made up of flavoring, vegetable glycerin, and Propylene glycol.  When heated up you get a great vapor cloud.

This fairly new invention is for everyone.  From playboy models, teacher, law enforcement, and anyone wanting to quit smoking. 

people that normally would smoke hookah tobacco are now using vapes instead.  The makeup of the e juice is very similar to the flavoring in shisha. 

Feel free to visit our Vape lounge inside of Illusions Vape smoke shop and we will let you try some.

Fumi Brand E - Liquids

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joey Fierro- September 26, 2014


Illusions Vape Smoke Shop just got in a shipment of over 110 different Flavors of E- Juice. From the typical Watermelon, Peach, Nectarine, Papaya, Strawberry, Blueberry and Blackberry to more complex flavors like Jolly Rancher, Whiskey, Brandy, Mountain Dew, Cookies n' Cream, Dr. Pepper, Red Bull and Monster. I recommend these flavor for people who just started vaping and want to take a dive into a variety of flavors. Fumi is made here in the USA and has over 99 flavors  in0, 6, 12, 20 MG. My personal favorite has to be the Fumi's Gummi Bear it tastes like the white Gummi Bear's that I always would pick out when eating a bag of Gummy Bears in elementary. So whenever you are in the area come check out the huge variety of e- liquids we just got in!!!