Dabbing Cup

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By Joey Fierro-october 16, 2014
Dabbing Cup

As we all know dabbing is a pretty intense experiences and something that we all have to try.  There are a number of methods and all kinds of glassware to use.  My usual preference is a Sour Glass dabbing pipe.  What I have been using is the New sour Glass Mini Bee Dab piece.  Sour Glass in made here in Illusions Vape Smoke Shops home town of San Diego.  These new dab rigs are miniatures and made from black glass.  The have a Bee attached and are so cool.  They are the perfect mini dab piece.  Mine sits about five inches high ans has three barrel rings with a bubble on the bottom.  This piece is a 10mm so what I did was add a quartz sour glass dome-less nail..  I also use a titanium domeless, but really like the qwuartz one.  The titanium dome-less does look very nice against the black of the piece.  Although I am in love with this piece I have found another that I think is going to be the standard in the Vape Smoke Shop industry.  The name of this piece is the Dabaccino  cup dab piece By Evol Glass.  It looks just like your frappacino cup from Starbucks coffee.  The piece in entirely clear with a staw sticking out of it.  It has a male piece sticking out of the top of the cup that fits  a 10mm female domless nail or Dome.  This Dabaccino Cup sits about 6 inchs and is fast becoming my favorite.  The main reason that I find this Dab piece amazing is that you can see everything  that is going on inside and allow for the smoke to fill the glass.  Then its a quick pull from the straw to clear.  Its just as easy if not easier then drinking out of a starbucks cup.