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Swisher Sweets Experts Review

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By Joey Fierro- December 6, 2014

Swisher Sweets Expert Review

Original: Slow burning, original swisher flavor allows you to taste tobacco better.
Green Sweets: Very slow burning, can really taste your herbs.
Black: Very slow burning, can get harsh at the end
Grape: Classic Favorite. Original grape has much more intense flavor compared to white grape, but not as slow burning. Really taste grape flavor compared to other flavors.
White Grape: Very slow burning, sweet grape flavor, not quite as intense flavor as regular grape.
Blueberry: Great classic, without overwhelming flavor. Good alternative to grape. Slow burning.
Strawberry: Sweet strawberry flavor without being too powerful; burns at normal rate.
Peach: Another one of my favorites because it has such a juicy flavor! If you are looking to really taste you swisher this is a great flavor that really stands out.
Tropical Fusion: Coocoo for coconuts? Then you’ll love this swisher, it has a strong flavor of coconut with other tropical fruits. 
Chocolate: It’s like tasting dessert as you smoke, chocolate swisher is great when you have a taste for something sweet.
Blazing Fire: Perfect for the holiday season. Get the taste of spicy cinnamon as you smoke this blazing fire swisher. If you like red hots or big red gum you’ll love this swisher. Perfectly paired with some hot chocolate.
Artic Ice: Get a smooth icey feel when you smoke this swisher. Taste similar to Winter Fresh gum. If you like any menthol taste this is definitely the swisher for you.
Summer Twist: This tropical fruity swisher will shoot you back to warm sandy beaches and the ease of summer nights. This swisher is one of my personal favorites, although it doesn’t burn particularly slow, I love that the flavor incorporates the sweet taste of mango.
Island Madness: Try the sweet taste of watermelon rum that sends to to paradise with one try.