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International Sex symbol Amalia Yildrim contacted us here at ILLUSIONS VAPE SMOKE SHOP and asked us to help her quit smoking.  

She was eager to start VAPING and asked us to send her a e cigarette starter kit.  Having modeled for some time now She really wanted to stop smoking.

 The smoke was really affecting her skin completion and she felt it was time to stop.  Her amazing looks are now going to be preserved in her opinion by quiting smoking.  

Amalia is now able to do more cardio in her workouts and she feel great. She is now In love with VAPING and thanks us here at ILLUSIONS VAPE SMOKE SHOP dailey.  

She looks forward to testing all the e juice flavors we sent her!  She is now an official ILLUSIONS VAPE SMOKE SHOP model.



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By Joey Fierro

Published: December 26, 2015 at 8:55 PM PST

Picking is one of the fun things that you can do at a smoke shop.  There is nothing better then picking out the perfect pipe for your lifestyle.  It's important to buy a quality pipe.  This is something that you will use almost everyday.  It only hurts you to not get the one that you really need.  Many times people go for the cheapest pipe.  This is the worst thing that you can do.  It would be like you saying you want the cheapest ready glasses.  If your using something everyday make sure that they fit your lifestyle and function.



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By: Joey Fierro- 
Published: September 26, 2014
Updated: November 3, 2015 @ 3:35 PM PST

Dabbing is one of my favorite things to do. I have about ten oil rigs in my personal collection.  They are all different styles and shapes.  I personally use the sour glass or Roor glass dab rigs.  The two glass companies have been around a long time and they still produce some of the best durable glass.   You can purchase these dabbing rigs at ILLUSIONS VAPE SMOKE SHOP from $50 - $200 depending on the amount of work on the glass.   I usually switch up and use my microG Vaporizer when I'm on the go.  The G-pen is cool for when im traveling, but nothing beats dabbing out of glass dab rig with water!
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By: Joey Fierro
Published:  Aug 27, 2014
Updated: November 2, 2015 at 2:05 PM PST
Dabbing has been around for quite sometime, eventhough it just recently became a trend in the smoking market. There are many way of dabbing , waxing and honey smoking. One of the most popular ways is using a oil rig bubbler or water pipe. These oil rigs have a male joint sticking out where a titanium nail, quartz, or glass nail sit on.  It's basically a reversed bong joint.  So instead of it having an opening for a bowl it's sticks out.  This is where the glass dome sits on.   The dome will have the female joint on it.  The titanium nail sits inside the male joints hole and the dome over the top.  The dome comes off when heating. When dabbing you should use a small dab rig rather than old-school larger pieces since it gives you a quicker and better hit when dabbing.   There are now domeless nails that can be purchased here at Illusions Vape Smoke Shop San Diego.  These domeless nails are a solid piece of titanium, Quartz, or ceramic.  You do not need to use the glass domes with these.  But using a dab cap will really help catch any escaping dab.  These nails are recommended for people who have a little more experience with the torch and glass.  You have a good chance of cracking your glass rig because of the heat from the dome less nail.  So when your using a titanium domeless nail make sure and use a dropdown.  This will protect your piece fromcracking.  Titanium nails will retain heat the best,  But the ceramic domeless nail is much safer to use on your piece.  There is not much risk of breaking your bong with these nails.  If you are going to dab you also need a high quality torch to get the best full effect. A titanium dab tool is something that will come in handy for dabbing.  Allowing you to pick up your product and dabbing its.  Dabbing is a lot more expensive than regular smoking but it is a lot more cost efficient. You don't need much to feel good and may even over do it with to many dab hits.  Dabbing is for people who want to go the higher mile and enhance their experience, it is not for everyone, Beware!


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By: Joey Fierro
Published: November 2, 2015 at 11:21 AM PST

Model Miss Madison Skye asked us "what's the point of using a bong over a pipe"?  This is a question that I get asked often.  Many times when using a pipe you will get a harsh hit unpleasant hit.  This is common and depends on the style and function of your hand pipe.  So what we advise our customers to do is to buy a good bong.  The bong will allow the smoke to be cooled and filtered before ingestion.  This is the major benefit to using a bong.  You will be able to get a nice smooth robust smoke from a medium sized water pipe.  Generally something between 9- 12 inches is perfect for any daily smoker.  
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by Joey fierro- April 27, 2015

published @ 12:23PM

Have you ever tried to pick out a bong for a woman!  I will share the most important things that woman look for when visiting a smoke shop.  

The two things that I notice woman buying are mid size at about 12 inches.  The price range that is usual is about $100 for the waterpipes that most of our woman customers buy. Woman seem to not want the cheapest waterpipe nor the smallest.  Most times they want something thats sturdy and easy to use!   

So now you know the basics of what woman look for when pickin a waterpipe or bong!   

So if your ever looking to buy one for your wife or girlfriend you have expert knowledge of what to buy!


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By joey Fierro- May 1, 2015
published @ 5:34 PM

When picking a smoke shop in San Diego, its very important to be informed on the quality of the bong, waterpipes and bubblers sold.  Its very common for smoke shops in san diego to sell glass waterpipes that are not annealed properly.  Meaning that the glass bong has not been put into an oven and cooked for a few hours.  This will seal any crack and make the waterpipe stronger.  Many smoke shops in san diego carry glass that has skipped this process.  You may ask why  would do this?  the reason is that this will cause the price of the waterpipe to be much more expensive.  Many stores are trying to maximize profits at the expense of the customer.  These glass waterpipes, bong, and bubblers just will not last.  We here at ILLUSIONS VAPE SMOKE SHOP SAN DIEGO guarantee that all of our glass has gone through this annealing process.  So if your in san diego and looking for a good shop that will give you expert help.  Give us at illusions vape smoke shop san diego a chance.

Is dabbing beneficial?

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Illusions Vape Smoke shop


Published by Joey Fierro- march 10, 2015 12:15 AM



I have suffered from chronic asthma since I was a young boy . It has been a hard journey when it came to smoking my favorite blend of loose leaf since I truely enjoyed smoking but it was hard for me to smoke and get over the harshness and the coughing that the regular pipe produced, My sister Lorena told me there was a new thing called dabbing which was a sticky yellowish new thing out that was a lot more potent than regular loose leaf. I gave it a try and I felt a feeling of satisfaction and release right away. Not only did I not have to take 6 hits from a water pipe to get the desiring effects of the loose leaf but with one strong hit I had enough. Dabbing has changed the way I view life and my lungs really appreciate it. There is no better way to start my day that with one big dab hit, I function better and do not smell like skunk , like I did before when I smoked all day to get that buzz i needed to make my lung pain go away. I am thankful for whoever invented the tecnique of dabbing. Eventhough, dabbbing is not for everyone it is the easiest way.

Why Smoke with a bong?

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It is very easy to smoke, you can practically smoke anywhere and with anything. Now days health is a huge factor in everything... Is it organic? Is it good for your health? Smoking out of a vaporizer is the cleanest and purest form of smoking but what is even better in my opinion in taste and experience, would definitely have to be glass! A bong, when well- made is not just a smoking device but also an experience. I personally prefer a percolator, ice catcher and a honey comb. The science of these 3 combined gives you the experience of a lifetime! My bong of choice is a triple chamber by Medicalli that is sold at Illusions Vape Smoke Shop in Kearny Mesa!

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What Are Percolators In A Bong

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joey Fierro October 2, 2014
illusions Vape Smoke Shop
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A lot of people wonder about the different percolators used in water pipes and if they make much of a difference, and if so which one is the best? The answer to these questions are Yes they make a difference, and there are so many different styles to choose from it really depends on what you're looking for.


 Essentially what a Percolator does is adds an extra filter so that you have a smoother cooler hit. How it works is the smoke passes through the water into the diffuser causing the filtration while also breaking up the smoke with small water bubbles making the smoke disperse evenly into your lungs, while also cooling it at the same time. 


 There are many different styles to choose from, and they continue to make different styles. Their the Tree style ones. These one have arms that come down looking similar to a tree, thus the name "Tree Perk" there can be as little as 3 of the arms all the way to 25. The arms have slits in the bottom that work as a diffuser, the more arms the more diffusion. These ones do make for a very smooth hit but are a bitch to keep clean! So if your are planning on getting one of these styles please practice regular cleaning and maintenance on it! There's also one known as a Dome Perk. The names are very self explanatory when it comes to the perks. It's called a dome as it is a Dome shape.Dome styles are good because they can be used in a lot of different ways. They can have holes along the bottom or slits. The cuts in these makes a difference in how the bubbles are broken up, which makes different types of hits.


 All in all I do recommend every smoker have a water pipe with a Percolator. Knowing what kind is for you requires research and experience. You can have the employees at the shop put some water in for you so you can get a feel of how the water runs though when you suck on it.