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By Joey Fierro

Published: December 26, 2015 at 8:55 PM PST

Picking is one of the fun things that you can do at a smoke shop.  There is nothing better then picking out the perfect pipe for your lifestyle.  It's important to buy a quality pipe.  This is something that you will use almost everyday.  It only hurts you to not get the one that you really need.  Many times people go for the cheapest pipe.  This is the worst thing that you can do.  It would be like you saying you want the cheapest ready glasses.  If your using something everyday make sure that they fit your lifestyle and function.



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by Joey fierro- April 27, 2015

published @ 12:23PM

Have you ever tried to pick out a bong for a woman!  I will share the most important things that woman look for when visiting a smoke shop.  

The two things that I notice woman buying are mid size at about 12 inches.  The price range that is usual is about $100 for the waterpipes that most of our woman customers buy. Woman seem to not want the cheapest waterpipe nor the smallest.  Most times they want something thats sturdy and easy to use!   

So now you know the basics of what woman look for when pickin a waterpipe or bong!   

So if your ever looking to buy one for your wife or girlfriend you have expert knowledge of what to buy!

Is dabbing beneficial?

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Published by Joey Fierro- march 10, 2015 12:15 AM



I have suffered from chronic asthma since I was a young boy . It has been a hard journey when it came to smoking my favorite blend of loose leaf since I truely enjoyed smoking but it was hard for me to smoke and get over the harshness and the coughing that the regular pipe produced, My sister Lorena told me there was a new thing called dabbing which was a sticky yellowish new thing out that was a lot more potent than regular loose leaf. I gave it a try and I felt a feeling of satisfaction and release right away. Not only did I not have to take 6 hits from a water pipe to get the desiring effects of the loose leaf but with one strong hit I had enough. Dabbing has changed the way I view life and my lungs really appreciate it. There is no better way to start my day that with one big dab hit, I function better and do not smell like skunk , like I did before when I smoked all day to get that buzz i needed to make my lung pain go away. I am thankful for whoever invented the tecnique of dabbing. Eventhough, dabbbing is not for everyone it is the easiest way.


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By joey Fierro-october 15, 2014

San Diego Water Pipes

One of the main things that i get asked when at illusions Vape Smoke Shop is whats the difference in the size of a water pipe.  Does it really make a difference.  What i tell people is that when you pick a small water bong or bubbler.  what your really getting is a pipe that has water to catch the as.  Very small water pipes are not going to give you a great water filter.  The small water bong will have a small down stem that will restrict the airflow.  They usually are not have ground glass gromits which will make the downstem a little hard to pull out for cleaning. But they do catch the ash well and the small water bong will be much smoother then just using a regular hand pipe.  These small devises create a very quick smoke.  Very tight and short in nature.
What i recommend to people is using a beaker style Sour Glass water pipe that illusions Vape smoke shop sell for $150 or the non name brand beaker that cost $40-$60 range.  They will provide you with a well filtered hit.  It will improve the smoking and make the smoke very smooth.  I would also encourage you to use a diffused downstem.  It will restrict the airflow a bit, but will help create smaller bubbles to provide a better filter.  This type of water bong creates a more full smoother and longer smoke.