Want to know how pipes are priced?

Joey FierroComment


By Joey Fierro

Published: November 30, 2015 at 7:28 PM PST


Want to know how pipes are priced?  Sometimes I walk into a smoke shop and see huge differences in prices.  It's very surprising at times to see a pipe priced so expensive.  The main thing that determines the price of a pipe is where it is manufactured.  Pipes made in the United States can cost 5 times more than imported pipes.  The first thing that I ask when going into a smoke shop is if the pipes are American made.  One of the main things to look for is the price.  A pipe priced at $5.00 is almost always imported.  Glass blowers in the United States make about $15.00 an hour for a good production blower.  This is for a blower that can produce about 4 pipes an hour. This would make the labor cost $3.75.  You can add about $1.00 for material cost.  This puts the manufactured price to make a pipe at $4.75.  So you can see how it would be impossible but an American made pipe in a smoke shop for $5.00.  So if you see pipes in any smoke shop for $5.00 or less you can be assured that they are imported pipes.  Beware of these store and buy your pipes at well established stores.