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joey Fierro- October 3, 2014

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Vape Invention

There are many theories about how the the first vaporizer was invented. Fire has been something man has gained control over for about 800,000 years... It ha been something since pre- historic times the human race has used as a mean to survive for generations. Recently, the invention of a herbal vaporizer has been developed by doctors and savants of health. The vaporizer first started coming out in a large box form attached with a whip, these boxes have a inside heating element, that cooks your plant/ herb. These box vaporizers, are still popular because of its efficiency... The new trend is going for portable vaporizers, that are pocket size and very incognito. They assimilate a cigarette and have a small heating element inside. 

Small heating elements are great for preforming as one- hitters but they are not for the purpose of pass around. For example, the Pax by Ploom is a vaporizer that has a 10 year warranty, by having this long term warranty you know your investment is safe in case of a internal or production problem. Certain stores carry knock offs of expensive and high quality vaporizers for a very low price. The Pax's price is strictly regulated and should never be under $250 unless it is used or has a certain and obvious problem. 

Before purchasing any vaporizer that has a big warranty and has a price of over $50 it is highly recommended you research what store or website is a certified retailer. Illusions Vape Smoke Shop located at 4488 Convoy St, 91111. is one of the few certified retailers in the San Diego county!