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How do I pick the right e juice for me?

Joey FierroComment

How do I pick the right e juice for me?  Picking the right juice can be a time consuming process.  There are many juices and many ways to go about picking your juice.  I usually smell my juice before I use it.  Smelling gives me a good idea of how the juice will taste.  What I look for in a juice is one that has a fruity flavor and allows for big clouds.  I like juices that are higher VG Based and the juice may not be as flavorful.  The box mod that I use has very high heat so I find that the fruitier flavors work best for me.  The juice you pick should depend on your unit.  Depending on your settings of your Vape the flavor will taste a bit different at different setting.  Your cake and pasty juice lines will be able to tast best at about 30 watts in my opinion.  The fruit juices can go up much higher and still tast very good.