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by Joey fierro

published April 29, 2015

San Diego smoke shop stores have been changed forever because of the vaping scene.  People who love to smoke are changing over to vaping.  The main reason is that it is much healthier to Vape.  This is currently being under study.  But, what I have personally found is that I feel better from vaping.  I suggest that you all try vaping and see for yourself.  You can visit us here at illusions Vape smoke shop at 4488 convoy at suite f San Diego ca, 92111 or call us at 858-751-0100 if you have any questions.

Vaping is the future of the smoke shop industry and will be here to stay.  Why not use a vaporizer if it cuts down on carcinogens? 

Why not Vape if it cuts down the smell of smoking?  

Why not quit smoking and second hand smoke? 

why not be more healthy? 

These are all questions that I ask smokers everyday here at illusions Vape smoke shop.  

With that said most customers agree and really start to take a hard look at vaporizers, mods, electronic cigarettes, box mods, and plant vaporizers. Get your now and start your healthy living revolution!