Joey FierroComment

By: Joey Fierro

Published: January 14, 2016 at 9:52 AM PST


Using a Vape is a great way to quit smoking. The more Vapor that your unit makes the less nicotine you will use. The higher nicotine level e juice can only be used for the basic e cigarettes. These units heat the e juice up at a very low wattage and use a very small heating element. These vapes do not produce large Vape clouds. So you need to remember the smaller your Vape clouds the more nicotine you can use. When the e juice is used with a high wattage unit. You will be able to use a 3 mg or 6 mg very comfortably. Anything over this level will be very harsh on the through. Having a good amount of nicotine will help cut the craving of wanting to smoke. I always suggest using a 6 mg for the first month. After the first 30 days I would drop your nicotine level down to a 3 mg. These levels are for units that are 50 watts or higher. If your using an old e pen then your numbers will be substantially higher for nicotine levels. Spend the money and get yourself a powerful Vape and quit smoking today.