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By joey fierro- april 24, 2015

Published @ 12:19 PM

Do you have any questions when it  comes to vaping?   

The question that I get asked the most is what is vaping.  I usually say that it is stimulated smoking.  Meaning that your not actually burning anything but heating your product up.

If your using a plant vaporizer like the pax, volcano, magic flight, or any units like these. You are getting a true vaporizer experience. You will be able to fully cook your material and vape the essential oils. 

The  other type of vaporizer is for oils and liquids. You can vape from a mechanical mod,  electronic cigarette,  and box  mod.   These u its use a tank or drip  tip atomizer.  The tank holds a good amount of juice.  While the drip tip you have to continually add drops to your unit.

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