Is dabbing beneficial?

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Published by Joey Fierro- march 10, 2015 12:15 AM



I have suffered from chronic asthma since I was a young boy . It has been a hard journey when it came to smoking my favorite blend of loose leaf since I truely enjoyed smoking but it was hard for me to smoke and get over the harshness and the coughing that the regular pipe produced, My sister Lorena told me there was a new thing called dabbing which was a sticky yellowish new thing out that was a lot more potent than regular loose leaf. I gave it a try and I felt a feeling of satisfaction and release right away. Not only did I not have to take 6 hits from a water pipe to get the desiring effects of the loose leaf but with one strong hit I had enough. Dabbing has changed the way I view life and my lungs really appreciate it. There is no better way to start my day that with one big dab hit, I function better and do not smell like skunk , like I did before when I smoked all day to get that buzz i needed to make my lung pain go away. I am thankful for whoever invented the tecnique of dabbing. Eventhough, dabbbing is not for everyone it is the easiest way.