Hottest vaping scene San Diego

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By Joey Fierro
Published: Feb 3, 2015
San Diego is fast becoming one of the countries hottest vaping scenes.  We have a very large population of people who are know enjoying this great invention.  We just did an interview here at our vape smoke shop that aired on television with San Diego's 6 news talking about vaping.  The reporter was asking us how popular vaping has become here in San Diego.  We were fortunate enough to have one of our customers who is a chemist here to help us.  our customer did not understand what the surgeon general was talking about when claiming that vaping was hazardous to your health.  Our customer here at illusions vape smoke shop told the reporter that his doctor suggested he start vaping.  He stated that the cigarette companies will no longer get his money.  I suggest everyone to try vaping.  its here to stay.