Picking a Vape can be a complicated event.

Joey FierroComment

By Joey Fierro

Published: December 2, 2015 at 10:46 PM PST

Picking a Vape can be a complicated event.  You have so many things to choose from.  When I go to a Vape store I am sometimes overwhelmed by the amount of choices that I have.  So what I do is I start with my budget.  How much am I willing to spent.  The best vapes cost around $200 to $300.  A good starter kit will cost around $100 dollars.  So it depends on what I'm trying to do.  I would suggest buying the better units.  I find that they have more wattage and allow me to produce more Vape.  The starter kits sometimes only go up to 60 watts and this Is not enough for me.  Although I do have a stater kit box mod for a backup Vape.