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By: Joey Fierro

Published: November 7, 2015 at 6:42 AM PST

Miss Madison Skye is a professional model from Toronto Canada.  Who had  become one of the most sought after alternative tattoo models.  Mixing a fresh flash of good girl next door and sultry errotic tattoo vixen this woman has created quite a stir in the alternative modeling industry.  Her willingness to expose everything about her and her body is very liberating.    We first became friends with Madison Syke after she entered the illusions Vape Smoke Shop San Diego best Vape picture contest that we hosted on Instagram.  MADISON was able to win a free Kanger Tech box Mod and became our first Illusions VAPE smoke shop Official model.  VAPING is something that she has started to do more often and her VAPING pictures are some of the best you can find online.  You can see and read more about Madison on

MADISON SKYE is now on of the biggest advocate and part of the VAPING movement.  Our viewers found her pictures to be among there favorites on Instagram.  She has been featured in countless magazines, videos, alternative sites, And Vape community sites.  Gracing the cover of 7 magazines.  Madison Syke is someone who has a great future and is very talented model.  We hope to continue to work with her hand in hand to continue to promote Vaping.  Illusions Vape Smoke Shop San Diego have much love and respect for Madison Skye.  Please support her and follower her Instagram @missmadisonskye----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Please subscribe to our channel  Illusions Vape Smoke Shop on Instagram: Illusions Vape Smoke Shop... Illusions Vape Smoke Shop - San Diego - Shopping...