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Published: November 5, 2015 at 10:18 AM PST



Vaping bombshell Brittany Lombardi shares with ILLUSIONS VAPE SMOKE SHOP how VAPING saved her life.  Just 21 years old she started vaping about 8 months ago.  She tells ILLUSIONS VAPE SMOKE SHOP that she wants to do all she can to tell people her story.  If your looking to quit smoking this story will help encourage you to take the steps to change your life and start VAPING.  Brittany opens up to me that she started smoking at age 13 and was addicted almost instantly to the cigarettes.  Getting out of bed in the morning and smoke all day till she would go sleep. One of the things that is amazing about Britanny's story is how easy it is to quit smoking By VAPING.  VAPING is actually a sort of simulated smoking that doesn't have tobacco.  So the Vape doesn't produce smoke, but water vapor.  You can choose your own nicotine levels and this really where the huge advantage to smokingis.  You no longer have to smoke a pack of cigarettes to get your nicotine. Brittany is an amazing example of how ILLUSIONS VAPE SMOKE SHOP SAN DIEGO is helping people change their lives.  Coming from a long line of smokers she thought she thought that she was going to be doomed smoking the rest of her life.  Maybe even suffering the same medical conditions as her grandmother.  Who is suffering from emphysema.  Both of her parents she sadly shares are also heavy smokers.  After visiting ILLUSIONS VAPE SMOKE SHOP and buying a Vape she no longer worries about cigarettes. She now is Living a  much healthier lifestyle and is so thankful to VAPING for this change. 

If your a smoker and want to live a healthier lifestle start VAPING now.  This change will definitely make you feel better and liberate you from Tobacco.  We first caught eye of Brittany as she came into ILLUSIONS VAPE SMOKE SHOP on vacation looking for a tugboat v2 or a limitless mod. We recommend to her that a hard hitting builds on her mod like a 20gage 5 wrap would help keep her from smoking.  What we find is that smokers prefer a thicker Vape cloud.  The bigger the Vape clouds are the easier it is to quit.  You will also lower your lower your nicotine levels to a 3 mg or a 6 mg. Two of the juice lines that Brittany craves the most are Blue Balls by Lung Candy and the Fluffernutter by The Bakery Vapors.  When she's is the San Diego area she always visit us at ILLUSIONS VAPE SMOKE SHOP and picks these two juice lines.  One of the things that we admire about Brittany that she wants people to know her story.  She started Vape model and now is one of our featured models on  She is fast becoming a favorite of our viewers.  This Vape models is ready to show and tell the world that VAPING saved her life.  Please repost and share this story.