Customer Relationships in the Vape Smoke Shop world

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By Joey Fierro- january 6, 2015

Relationships in the vape smoke shop store world | illusions Vape Smoke Shop




While working at Illusions Vape Smoke Shop the past years on and off I have met some extremely interesting people... From professional athletes, to doctors, to CEOs of huge companies, to homless people with deep and amazing stories, basically just all that you can imagine. The stories that the vape Smoke Shop life has brought to my knowledge have at times put me to tears, others have made me upset and others have cracked me up... It depends what kind of customers you get that day and how they positively or negatively affect your life... I have been extremely fortunate to have had the vast majority influence my life in positive ways.... I have learned things no school or teacher could ever teach me. I have seen patients battling with life threatening diseases that the only positive impact they have on their life is that chill moment when they get to come to the Vape smoke shop store, take their time and pick out a nice glass piece, go home and sit on their favorite vape/smoking spot and take that first inhale that takes them away from their physical pain... In my opinion vaping/smoking has benefited a lot more than it has harmed the society. When you are a peaceful vape/smoker not only do you bring so much to the table but you are also able to take so much in. Dabbing has become the new way of making vaping/smoking more efficient and potent. Patients who no longer get the full smoking experience because of theiur pain have resorted to dabbing, when done correctly it is about 125 times stronger than just grinding and smoking your regular blend. I am beyond thankful with our customers who keep coming back to visit and buy  a swisher, huge collectible glass piece, vape because of them we still stand strong in Kearney Mesa and soon in Tijuana, Mexico...