Atmos RX Portable Vaporizers

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joey Fierro- September 27, 2014
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Atmos Rx Plant Vaporizer

Illusions Vape smoke shop Carries  Atmos RX portable vaporizers.  They a dry herb vaporizer, but i find that they work well for concentrates.  The coil is on the very bottom of the atomizer.  So sometimes when i fill with plant I find that not all of it burns toward the top.  I usually have to re pack it often.  it does provide a good smoke, but doesn't last long.  So this i why i use my Atmos RX dry herb vaporizer for wax and concentrates.  Although if you do use it for wax, you will not be able to use it for plant.  Do to the ash from the plant sticking to the concentrate.  Its very important to know that if your unit ever stops working.  Its usually a case of the atomizer going bad.  The bottom is just a battery and last a year or 2.   The atomizer should be changes out at least once a month.The replacement atomizers cost $25.  This was one of the first generations of dry herb portable vaporizer and i found it to work well.  It does have its downfall that the coil is on the bottom.  But, does work.  Atmos does have newer versions like the Atmos R2, Atmos Orbit and Transporter that I like a lot better for dry herbs.
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