Grinding Grinders

Joey FierroComment

joey Fierro- September 27, 2014

Grinder Grinding

When getting good quality product, you should always make sure to grind your product finally. There are many good quality brands out there that make great grinders, for example: Santa Cruz Shredder: has a 7 catch thread design which automatically prevents cross threading, also has a black anodized coating which offers protection from scratches and wear. The Chrome Crusher, Chromium, American Grinder and Sharp Stone grinder are also great quality grinders made with a bit less preciseness compared to the Santa Cruz Shredder. Some people don't see the benefit of purchasing a grinder and unless you are a pro you should always use as grinder to get the most benefit of your plant.    We sell Santa Cruz Grinders Starting at $25- $100 Depending on the size of the grinder.   We also sell other grinders at a much better saving.  Starting at $10.  Please remember illusions vape smoke shop whenever you need a Grinders