Bubbler VS Water pipe

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Joey Fierro-September 24- 2014
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Bubblers VS. Water Pipes

In my opinion a water pipe is a lot easier to work with compared to a bubbler pipe for the following reasons: A water pipe consists of 3 pieces ( a vase, a down stem and a bowl) all 3 pieces are removable and exchangeable to customize to your own needs. A bubbler is all 3 in 1 blown together, so if you break the down stem, or any part of it you are basically screwed, also bubblers tend to be smaller in size and are good for keeping away from the kids and hiding but if that's not an issue then go with a water pipe. Blubbers tend to to spit water back because of their petite and reduced size. A bigger investment is required when purchasing a water pipe, but any piece broke can be easily replaced for under $20 and also customized to be turned into a dab piece or vise verse. SO yes, in my humble opinion a bubbler is a luxury and not a need. A bubbler is recommended once the person owns a water pipe, it is more of a secondary item.