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Joey FIerro

September 23- 2014


This is my humble opinion on water pipes and what I like you may love or hate. You need to remember what is suitable for you might be not suitable for me and vice versa. So we recommend you to think about how you prefer smoking. Smoking is a form of meditation, when the day has begun or ended you take that time to yourself to smoke and unwind or calibrate yourself, so i hope the following questions help you break down whatg it is exactly you want. Do you like ice in your water pipe or do you like it smooth with the percolator ,do you just like it as straight shot without any additions?  Do you like beaker bottom for more stability or do you like straight shooters to get a real quick hit? There is also something called in- liner percolator, it is a straight shooter with  a vertical percolator sitting on the bottom of a straight shooter. These water pipes have a base that is very stable just like a beaker bottom. We never recommend you to buy a water pipe with grommets. Grommeted Water pipes aren’t sealed 100% and air is leaked. Old-school rubber grommet water pipes don't give a percise  hit and if you are using quality product you don't want to be wasting it. Something we do not recommend as well or plastic water pipes, when burning metal and plastic it is very harsh on your lungs you don't need those kind harsh carcinogens in your lungs.  We always recommend you to go with clean glass on glass piece!