Say No to Metal Pipes

Joey FierroComment

joey Fierro- September 


The caption of this post is about saying no to metal pipes. Metal Pipes are still in use because people are comfortable smoking the same pipes that they used years ago. When you place lighter to a metal pipe you start inhaling the carcinogens which may be harmful for your health. That is where glass pipes and vaporizers come in. Metal pipes are fairly inexpensive and people purchase them because you can throw them away and not feel bad for the $5- $10 you spent unlike a glass pipe that runs around $12- $15. Does your health have a price? In my opinion it does not, so go the extra mile and buy a glass one.... Glass is clean and reusable, a lot more than metal, plus you normally don't need a screen. People who smoke live normally healthy and calibrated lives, so we recommend you to use the utensils that will support that lifestyle u live. You get what you pay for, so if you cannot afford a nice glass pipe, use papers instead but stay away from metal.... Titanium on the other hand is not harmful since it is 100% pure and hold high levels of heat for example can be used for dabs!