Pax by Ploom

Joey Fierro

Joe Fierro -September 29,2014
4488 Convoy St Suite F
San Diego, Ca 92111

Pax Vaporizer by Ploom

Some people like to cut corners and just smoke out of papers or off a regular cheap plastic pipe. Not recommended to cut any corners, does your health will reflect it. Even though vaporizers and high-quality water pipes can be pricey we think it is worth every single penny. Knock off vaporizers and clones are more and more perfected to look like the actual authentic vaporizer. That is the reason we tell the customer to please go to a certified retailer when purchasing any vaporizer. I had a young lady bring a “ PAX” she purchased on Ebay, that all of a sudden stopped working on her. Authentic Pax’s have 10 year guarantee. Unfortunately, the Pax she bought was completely fake and for obvious reasons the guarantee did not work. She thought she was saving money by purchasing the vaporizer through Ebay, but unfortunately it was a waste of money, since all sales were final on the sellers profile. This is a sad example of a loss of $200 by trying to save $50. All Pax’s should be no less than $250 it is a regulated price by Vape World the actual manufacturers, so NOBODY can sell you a new one that is authentic and a certified retailer for a lower price. Pax is actually made in Boca Raton, Florida, and made exclusively for Vape World.  
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