Volcano Vaporizer.

Joey FierroComment

By joey Fierro- September 25, 2014

The volcano Vaporizer is one of the best made vaporizers ever made. It's actually very easy to use but most people get easily intimidated by its size and the preparation it takes to start. The volcano Vaporizer has a five year warranty and is guaranteed authentic their certified retailers. Volcano is not one of the priciest Vaporizers which comes in the digital version which can run anywhere from $600-$700 and the Classic Volcano Version from $475-$575. Today I will be teaching you in a step-by-step on how to operate the volcano in a digital version. There are two types of grinders that we recommend you to start with first one is the Santa Cruz Shredder which has diamond cut blade and made to perfect your plant as it grinds it. The other grinder that  is the American-made  Sharp Stone. After grinding your plant, you plug your Volcano base and set the temperature between 350 - 370. When the red light shuts off, it means it is ready to vaporize. Place the plant in the chamber and then the balloon attachment will inflate. When the balloon/bag is completely inflated, it is ready to use! The smoking experience off the Volcano is one of the most satisfying and rewarding there is. The preparation may seem long and complex but it is actually quite fast and simple, the longest procedure is waiting for the Volcano itself to heat up which takes anywhere from 3-5 minutes.