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 By Joey Fierro - September 18 2014 -  I don't know about you guys but I love just relaxing and hanging out with friends and smoking hookah. It chills me out after a long day of work and its great for socializing on the weekends with all my friends. There are so many different kinds of shisha, but one of my all time favorites is Starbuzz!

 Starbuzz has one of the widest varieties of flavors. One of my favorites is Blue Surfer. Its a mixture of Blueberry, Grape , and Pineapple. I love the fruity flavors which makes it so hard for me to pick just one because the list is endless. But sometimes I feel like smoking on some non fruity flavors. One of my favorites is Chocolate Mint. I love this one because the mint overtones are menthol based so u get that cool taste, mixed with chocolate. I usually just get the smaller 100g can of this flavor though because it's only every once in awhile I smoke on something that's not fruity. There's also these flavors that they have called Acid. There's 5 different flavors in the Acid line, but my favorite is Acid Gold, it's a mixture of citrus fruit and chocolate. I feel like this one was made just for me because I love the fruit so much but sometimes I like that chocolate taste. I'm sure, out of all the flavors Starbuzz has, you will find one that fits what your looking for perfectly.

 Not only do i love the variety of flavors Starbuzz carries, I love the texture of the tobacco. Its very finely cut and light , which provides for a really good hit. Some other Shishas are cut thick and are full of stems and I feel like I have to suck really hard to get a good hit. The tobacco is also very true to it's smell.. I feel like it tastes just like it smells, which I can't say is true for some other brands. I also like that its labeled that there's 0.05% nicotine. I like just a little to give me a good little head buzz from it. You can get different sizes too! They vary from a little 50g can all the way to a big Kilo tub! I usually get the 250g can but will get some in a 100g also.

 Overall Starbuzz provides me with all the things I expect in good quality Shisha. The flavors are endless. the Tobacco is nicely cut , giving me the smooth hit and big clouds I love, while also dispersing the perfect amount of nicotine to give me that little relaxing buzz. And the variety of sizes they provide is awesome if i'm just kicking back at home and need a little 50-100 g can or if i'm having a huge party and want to get the Kilo tub so we can smoke all night long! If you haven't tried Starbuzz yet i suggest you do.. you will love it!