Water Pipes provide a great filtration

Joey FierroComment

By Joey Fierro - Aug 28 / 2014

Having asthma is no fun especially when you like to smoke as much as me. The day I decided to stop using regular rolling tobacco papers and choosing to smoke out of a water pipe, my life changed for the better. My lungs thank me every single day that I no longer use harsh butane directly on the tip of my rolled cigarette. Now I use hemp wick which is a long thick thread covered in organic honey bees wax that when lit at the tip is used the same way as a lighter. My waterpipe of choice is a foot-long, glass on glass piece, made by Sour Glass. It is a beaker bottom with an ice catcher and a single percolator. The percolator cools the smoke that touches my lungs. The ice catcher when filled with ice acts as a cooling chamber as well. The 9 mm glass is thick enough to have survived every time I have dropped it in my carpet. When I am in the mood to dab, I use my domeless titanium nail. There are many choices of titanium nails, personally I prefer the " Torpedo Quattro". The precise and small holes are perfect for my high quality wax. When you don't use a well-made titanium domeless bowl, wax can easily get everywhere and create a mess, which in the end is expensive product waste. Know that you have read my choice of smoking devices I encourage you to research and truly understand what your needs are before purchasing just any water pipe, Sour is my choice by far!