Sour Glass Pieces

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Sour Glass:

Joey Fierro - Aug 27/2014


Based out of San Diego, California Sour Glass has bulit a reputable and coveted glass company across the country. From water pipes to bubblers, pipes, dab bubblers, steam rollers, nectar collectors, bowls, stems, and everything that you might need to smoke out of. Prices start as low as $20 and can go up to $1000. Sour invented the "Zong" which is a regular water pipe but it has unique shaped "Z" in the middle of the glass neck. Remember to only to buy Sour Glass from a certified retailer, you never want to buy a piece from just a random store , not knowing the authenticity of the glasswork. There are many horror stories of people who have purchased a brand name glass pipes and it ended up being fake because they purchased it at a swapt meet or a store that was not a certified retailer. It is unfortunate that knock offs have gotten to the point where glass art is being violated at this degree. Glass Pipes are more and more artistic and elaborate these days, so remember you are getting what you pay for and the enhancement of your smoking experience is what is most important!