Samba Star Coals

Joey FierroComment

There are many kinds of coals at Illusions Vape Smoke Shop, but I am going to talk about the specific ones I like the most. Samba Star is a new company out in the market, when we first started carrying their product, many customers were skeptical of trying out the new coals since they were used to the typical coco nara or 3 KINGS, I am humble to say I was one of them. Until my brother told me to try them out, which I did. I was extremely impressed, not only are they more affordable than almost any coals in the market their quality is outstanding. They are strong enough to last a whole session and mild enough to nhot give you that burnt taste. I recommend you to stop by Illusions Vape Smoke Shop any time you are in the Kearney Mesa area and get a affordable pack of Samba Star coals!