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By Joey Fierro- oct. 14, 2014

Here at Illusions we carry a wide variety of wax pens and attachments. Abeling you to vape your wax wherever you might be!

 There are a lot of different pens out on the market such as, G-pen. Cloud, Quickdraw, Atmos, Omicron, and so many more. Here at Illusions we promise to supply you with any vape pen you need. If we do not have it on our shelves, we can order it for u!

 We also carry dome attachments for all 510 thread batteries and Ego batteries. These dome attachments are a good thing to have for people who want to vape wax, plant and E-juice. Only needing the one battery for all 3 purposes. You have 3 different tops for each product. I carry all 3 with me in a case so i'm able to vape all what i want when i am out and about. The attachments for wax come in either titanium or ceramic. They also come with a replacement coil, because like all wax vapes, eventually the coil does go out.